Website Design news

Just for interest here are some emails we have sent and received recently:

I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, but I wanted to ask if you are in the process of upgrading or redoing your website? We are a dynamic development agency based in Essex who specialise in serious web development and would love the opportunity to work with you if you are looking into anything web related.  Our key skills are a proven record in e-commerce development as well as brilliant graphic design work.

Great to hear from you.  Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  I have been out all day on appointments so haven’t had a chance to answer my emails. Thanks for the website enquiry.  I can confirm that for a 5 page website with a wordpress news page or blog would be about £500 depending on the exact specification.  We use WordPress or Joomla normally but we could write our own CMS systems if a bespoke requirement is received our bespoke CMS systems would look and work uniquely and protect you against the latest security threats.  Any website we produce will allow the search engines like Google,. Yahoo or Bing rank the website better as they are completely bespoke and written in a search engine friendly manner. Depending on how complex the blog needs to be will vary the  pricing. Look forward to hearing back from you and will give you a call on Monday to discuss a possible date to meet up.

We have got a new Essex based client who needs a new website. They have purchased the domain name but will need hosting and emails. It will be a basic 5 page website with a custom designed blog. Can you let me know the cost for this please? Let me know when you are free next week so we can have a meeting. We could  have another few  potentially bigger companies requiring possibly larger and more complex websites so would like to discuss these further with you when we meet up again.

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