Thurrock Website Design

Thanks for your time yesterday.  I hope I answered any questions that you had. As confirmed I have booked the project in to start in 2 weeks. I estimate another 2 weeks to complete the website, as long as I have images / confirmed webcopy content before then.

The website is a re-design project I will not only re-designing the website, but also building a mobile version of the website also.

Let me know once the deposit is paid and I will mark the project for a start in the calendar.  You should receive a screenshot idea design by 2nd or 3rd September giving you an idea of what I intend to design for you.

If you like what you see just get in contact with this Thurrock Website Design company as they are such a great team and are headed up by a very talented website designer. I just know you will have a great professional relationship to ensure you get the right website for your business.

Here are some links to examples of my work. Some recent and some up to 6 years old. This is website work but we also promote webistes (SEO) and design and build bespoke website solutions. We also create logo and corporate identity work for companies and we would be happy to show examples if needed.

Latest projects
Here are a good selection of wordpress / joomla / ecommerce websites we have produced since starting our business in 2008. All our sites are built to be viewed and be useable on both mobile and desktop devices, and all text, imagery and photography is designed to be pin-sharp for those lucky enough to own high-resolution displays.

Other sites
Previously one of our web developers worked in the marketing departments of several large marketting organisations and produced many websites for large and small campaigns. Several of these have reached the end of their lives and can only be seen on the Internet Archive.

Hope there’s enough here for you to see what I do. I’m more than happy to talk to your contact about the website and see if I can help them with their requirements.

Business Directories

This is why you shouldn’t add companies on your directory that didnt request to be there:

I have contacted you previously on a couple of occasions and asked that you remove our company name from your directory.  Every enquiry that comes through comes through in duplicate and they are all for the south of England.  It is a complete waste of a client’s time to receive responses that have no relevance and a complete waste of my time trying to explain to people that your directory is not fit for purpose; cannot be recommended whilst explaining that in order to serve their needs we would be travelling hundreds of miles so really they would be better finding another supplier closer to home.

Please remove our name – we do not want to be associated with your directory.


Website Quote Revisions

It was good to meet you earlier this week and as promised attached is my estimate. I want apologise but after coming back to the office and going through every element of the current site, that we feel that there is more work involved than we originally considered.

I quoted you £2500 at our meeting, but on reflection, and because of the online shop and other areas  we hadn’t originally fully explored the quote attached is for £2750. I want to point out that I don’t make a habit of quoting one figure at a meeting and then another in the estimate. I am still very keen to win the project and believe we will produce an outstanding site, but will understand if you feel I have been a little misleading, although it is not intentional. I hope you understand my reasons for this and look forward to hearing from you with feedback