Website Feedback

Thank you for the telephone call this morning, I have written to the web designer and asked him to put the new PDF on the website. I have looked through the website and really do not understand what you said is not working. If it is not working I would like to get it fixed and thank you for bringing it to my attention. if you could be so kind as to let me know by email the incorrect bits I will get it sorted this weekend.

The text you referenced was text that was moved over from the old site, that link no longer exists, I will removed the text when I get back to the office tomorrow.

Great Customer Feedback

I would like to give you some information regarding our planning for the near future.  We recently employed a young graphic designer from London and we are currently working non-stop in re-designing the magazine and transforming it into a full featured guide.

We are using the latest applications from adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) to achieve this and have started experimenting with Adobe’s DPS Tools (Digital Publishing Suite) to create an interactive copy for tablets (and smartphones). This means we will have 2 publications in the future, one in print and one available for download from the app stores.

That also means that you will be able to add slideshows, videos, product catalogues and more to your existing advertising or event promotions or create new advertising just for the digital copy. We will have a demo version of the new layout and interactive magazine by the end of this month.

Those businesses that advertise on our maps will get included into the digital version of the magazine as well. More details will follow.

We also signed a contract with a freelance Copywriter who will re-write the whole content of the magazine. We will also add new sections like what to do with kids, what to do on rainy days, upcoming movies, interviews with locals (that’s you) and a list of their favourite places on the island and many more, turning the magazine into a complete travel guide.

In the meantime we also had a few meetings with Delicious Webdesign, a very professional web development company and on Tuesday we will sign a contract with them regarding the development and maintenance of our website.

I will give you more details during our meeting. I will also use this opportunity to update/complete your information for the business listings on our website and to arrange the coupons (barter) for our Giveaways campaign.

Essex Wedding Photographer

bride-and-groom-dancing-to-80's-music-at-wedding-at-friern-manor--in-brentwood-essex,-photographerA Wedding & Portrait photographer based in Essex. who creates stunning images at affordable rates.

If it’s a wedding photographer you’re after to take the special photos of you on your wedding day then Luke Rich Photography can capture your day like no other, they have hundreds of happy clients in Romford, Hornchurch, Brentwood and Billericay and you can see their featured weddings gallery to get an idea of their style.

Luke Rich Photography can also do Portraits. Luke will  come to you and produce studio quality images in the comfort of you’re own home so contact him via the contact form on his website or phone him directly if you’re interested.  He will be looking forward to hearing from you to arrange your wedding photography.