New company needing SEO

We are currently in the start-up stage of our business and have organised advertising (via radio, flyers, etc) We are currently looking into SEO (search engine optimization).We are looking for a per hour price so that we can roughly budget for the tasks but really do not know what price to expect. We have come across your website via Google and am interested in your services.
Currently, we are just looking for the following items from your company:
– Approximate time per hour you charge for SEO (webcopy creation, link building etch so we can estimate some budgets.
– The size of your firm (we are looking to expand fairly quick because SEO companies are not readily understood by ourselves as we haven’t had to consider this for our business before.
– If it is possible, maybe a past job that you have done and how much it cost and the results you achieved
We are trying to get our heads around Skype and how to use it and its benefits, so unfortunately, we can only use email for the next week or so. I hope you understand this.I, personally am really interested in what you have to offer and the potential it can provide to our business.

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