Trainee Website Designers

We always welcome new trainee website designers, here are some example covering letters that you should use as a basis to see what information you need to included and the details we require from you.

First Candidate – I am currently in the process of completing my IT Practioner NVQ level 2 through a training company in Brentwood in Essex which covers various aspects of IT work. As part of my apprenticeship I work for Dynamic Website Designers in Billericay who are a creative web and print design studio. I am due to complete my qualification this month and am writing to you to find out if you have any vacancies for a junior IT Consultant or Web designer in order that I may further my career and training. I also hold a full driving license.

Second Candidate – I finished studying BSc (HONS) Computer Science at Anglia Polytechnic University in Cambridge in 2010 and achieved a Class 2:1. Modules Covered – Advanced Web Design, Internet Databases, Software Interface Design, Project Design & Implementation, Rapid Applications Development, and Computer Networks & Communications. I have been working as a junior web developer at an Essex Webdesign company where I have been maintaining and updating web site on a daily basis this involved ensuring the site is fully functional and implementing any changes needed to fix errors using Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, IIS7, CodeSmith as well as creating advertising html eshots for clients and sending them out to a database of 90,000 job applicants. During this time I have developed my knowledge of these programs and working with HTML / CSS and C#. This has also given me experience of working with and updating a live commercial site.

In my spare time I have been further developing my skills in C# and MySQL through books and the internet. I have written a DVD ecommerce website, and a creative promotional and networking site which I would be willing to show at a later date.I am interested in further self improvement and am willing to learn new skills through training, either in the work environment or in a formal course environment.

I am now looking for a job in a web development team to further my knowledge of this industry and improve my programming skills. I was wondering if you had any positions that I would be suitable for or if you haven’t I would be grateful if you could keep my details and let me know if a position comes available. I have attached my CV to this email. I will welcome the opportunity to discuss any relevant post and my own background in more detail, and would be available for an interview at any time.

I have experimented with CSS and XHTML and university. I am currently finishing my last year of university off so at the minute all of my time is devoted. At the end of May i actually finish so i feel it would be really beneficial for me to meet then and if given the opportunity have a trial period. I understand that any employee may not have the required skill set, so learning on the job would be fine as i would learn new skills.

What really counts for us is if you can create websites or complete work on our websites, I see most trainees have used MySql / PHP this is a skill we can utilise but mainly we need the everyday skills of XHTML / CSS with knowledge of Javascript (plugins) for website development. If we meet / chat and think you could be good or useful for us I normally propose that we do some sort of trial period whereby you learn on the job and get to eventually create a website unaided.

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