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Do you own a Corringham Business and want your website updated / promoted or you perhaps need a new website for you new company, whatever the case get in touch with us by phoning 01375 460094 or 07743 853976 or by clicking Corringham Website Designers, below is a sample conversation we could have with you about your website.

website design corringham[Website Designers in Corringham] is business good? Your domain name and hosting is about to expire, would you like me to renew the domain for another 2 years and the hosting for a year?
[Corringham Company] Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner been looking after the kids because the girlfriend is on a two week training course… Trying to keep them occupied is a nightmare. Anyway, regards the website I have been thinking, me and a mate of mine are going towards restoration of classic cars British and American stuff, I will still do cleaning / detailing for my customers and people that ask, but won’t need to push for a bigger customer base I.e won’t need a website + I don’t think I have had any customers from the site either, so when it expires just do what ever you do mate close it down, is it possible to divert my emails somewhere else until I manage to sort out people that email it? If not no worries I shall send an email out to everyone.
I will have a think about having a site redesigned with you with a different domain etc in the future, our first car will hopefully be purchased to restore and sold within 4 months. My mate is an engine builder by trade, and I did panel beating and welding at college and have been spraying bits and bobs for a long time so hopefully we can combine these and restore the car in house, just need someone to do the upholstery inside, also have a mate of mine that makes wiring looms for British touring cars, so electronics will all be made to spec and brand new… Anyway speak soon mate, hope your well!
[Corringham Website Designers] Sounds exciting, just let me know when you want to look at some new bits. With the next site we can look at a different form of search engine optimisation. As you didn’t update the last site as much as you had planned to, there are lots of different things we can do.
We cant redirect the emails as there wont be a domain left to add settings to so I would send an email out as soon as you can mate. The domain will stop working soon as it is already overdue a renewal.
We still have an outstanding invoice for the Graphics for your new logo that we designed. I have chased a couple of times but never heard anything. Let me know when we can expect payment for that, and anything else you need my help with just give me a shout.

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