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The purpose of a website is generally to make the owner money and it does that by attracting relevant website visitors and making them into potential customers by them making contact with you or by them buying some goods or services from your website.

Even if a website has a lot of visitors this doesn’t mean that they will convert to customers automatically, therefore the website needs to be tuned to attract the website visitor to making a call to you / sending a message or making a sale on the website. The following sample conversation gives you an idea how website conversions are discussed and addressed. All our websites have a clear path for the potential client to contact you and sometimes you just need to improve the SEO and as a result your visitor numbers to improve the amount of people contacting you once the site has its ‘calls to action’ clearly identified.

[Website Client] I have been looking at some sites that are very well known the lead generation in our industry with the one I pointed out to you being the “daddy” of sites. I have attached a few links to the pages where I think they are very strong on getting clients in rather than giving them information, either a phone or contact us or we contact you bits. As a consumer, it seems easy to contact them.

I also note that their contact details has been shortened. Perhaps this might help too. Perhaps you would look at this and let me know your thoughts. It seems such a shame people are visiting the site as a result of your work and not getting through to me at the end.

[Website Designers] Was just looking at your stats (in a quieter moment ) and noticed that your site has doubled the visitors since last month, think the main reason for that is your pension pages have risen up in Google. If you search for ‘pension advice ‘ in Google you will be pleased to see you are at position 2. Noticing a lot of websites that we done go up in the rankings recently, I just hope it has transferred to enquires and sales for you.

I am happy to make changes that you have suggested to increase conversions but think the site has the contact details quite prominently at the moment already. We pay a lot of attention to ‘calls to action’ on our websites and believe yours is optimised for conversions.

One of the best things you can do to improve your site is to add content to it regularly (a blog on your site is the best thing) but we are happy for you to give me text and for me to add it to your site (could create a ‘news’ page >?) The next best thing is to get links to your site (which is one of the last jobs for us to do) but you can get yourself on as many forums about finance / accountancy / mortgages / pensions and get your website in your profile and signature (if they allow it). We will forward you a list of things to give your site more visibility on the web that is a customised version of this ‘how to promote your own website’ list on the website.

You should also join the business forum website as its a great forum for all things business related. Have I asked you if you have ‘friends’ or colleagues that have websites? If you have ask them for a link and send this code to them that will link to your website

[Website Client] Since I have put a few links onto business directories I have had a few leads come through this week from Google, which is good. I am happy to do whatever you think and will do a blog today and try and get on some of these forums.

I am able to, if you think it is a good idea, to have mortgage sourcing and protection quotation systems on the site. These will costs me monthly, but if you think it will generate traffic or keep me up on Google, I will look into this in greater detail.

[Website Designers] I personally don’t think auto mortgage calculators will make that much difference to visitors to your site. but it will add value to your site and keep people on your site longer. Adding links to your site via personal finance websites is the most important thing at the moment.

You can create a blog for free but your actual text doesn’t go on your site so the benefit is minimal, I think at renewal you should consider getting us to add a blog to your website, see details here

In the meantime I don’t mind adding a news page to your site if you want to provide me with relevant news stories that should feature one of your services / customers / case studies or similar then I can update the page for you before you get a blog. I can also give you the ability to update the page yourself (subject to you getting an adobe id which is free).

1, have added a contact tab at the top of the page.
2, added mouseover text on the contact details image at the top of the front page.
3, corrected all the various changes / additions and problems pointed out.
4, re-arranged your contact form and removed some fields and updated the template.

Please check and advise that the form looks and works ok for you now (send yourself a test message)

5, agreed that the outstanding payment on the invoice for monthly SEO work will now be added to the cost of  building a blog that is customised to your site, which will involve us changing your hosting package to allow database / php and give you another 12 months hosting  and to ramp up your Google Adwords (PPC) account to be funded with more funds for the Google adverts.

Ref point 5 From the email below I forgot the other domain of yours but will renew that when it comes up to the end of the first year so that

Assume you are happy for your website to be transferred to enable us to create a blog on your site, if we do this you will have some different configuration settings for your email and if you use webmail only you will lose your contact addresses, if you use an email client like outlook then your contact lists and emails will be stored on your PC. We have begun the PPC campaign already and it is currently live on Google PPC

[Website Client] It wasn’t a calculator but a mortgage sourcing system leased from money facts, but I take your point. If the blog I currently have is only giving a minimal benefit, will not post on there. I will have difficulties with a news page, for compliance reasons, whereas I can write what I like on a blog. What and when is the renewal for the site, when I can get a blog added?

I have been looking at the Google analytics for the site you send to me weekly and wondered if there was more detailed information I could look at.

I have been looking at Google searches this morning and the unbiased financial website seems to be at the top of everything! I am going to register with some of the others I have seen always seem to be advertised listings.

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