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Website design consultant from Leigh on Sea in Essex working on a turn-based,real-time online game needing some support on Flash, Coding and Hosting, Domain names etc.

We are a business that for many years has had the privilege of bring associated with some of the most prestigious UK Companies, in the field of Design, Marketing and Sales solutions. Although most of the graphic design application for the application has been completed the technical aspect still needs to be developed.This represents a major part of the project and requires either a partner, who has the expertise or purchased from specialized contractors.

The following areas require specific attention:
Flash CS5 development (drag and drop)
Game Engine / Framework, Network Game and Synchronization Solutions,
Server proposals for 2, 3 and 4 players in real-time, Programming and Coding. Webmaster
Application,Hosting and Optimization,
Online Membership and Game Organization, Social Network Applications,
Link Building, Game Advertising Online Development, Banner Inventory Proposal,
Sponsorship and Endorsement Marketing,
Club Revenue Channels, Investment, Partners, Marketing.
The information above is a guide to aspects that need to be developed, and
represents a considerable amount of management input. Parties interested in participating
in the project will need to be able to convince us that they are able to offer hands-on support and expertise in bringing the programme to a successful conclusion.
Roy is aware that without full knowledge of how the ‘game’ is played, may create a
problem to parties, but they will understand that plagiarism has to be safeguarded.

Project Plan Overview of functionality:

The visitor is offered free membership, and having registered, the new member is advised to provide a comprehensive profile for the benefit of other members in helping find compatible social playing partners. Members wishing to play, complete the pay-to-play ”log-on for a game” request:

Game plan, 2, 3 or 4 ball and competition preference, Game Time (GMT 24)
Country and language option. The game plan information is then recorded onto the “Competition Room” display, where members can find a suitable partner or partners. Alongside each members is their profile tag which can be activated to reveal their location, interests, etc.Having found a partner, partners, members contact each other and
agree a ”game captain” who will be responsible for organizing the game, players identity
and completing the Score Card details in readiness for play.

The Game Captain will inform the club the time and date of the proposed game and this
will be confirmed with a Tee time and reference game number.
At the time of the game the players will find their ID information displayed on the
1st hole layout with the game rules and instructions.

At the end of each hole the score for each player is agreed and entered by the
‘game captain’ on the score card. The information can be displayed at any time, by a player
by clicking onto the ‘score card’ button.

The ‘game captain’ activates the first hole in conjunction with the other
players at the agreed GTM and the hole layout is displayed on each players screen.
Players agree who has the ‘honour’ to Tee off first from a prearranged Tee.
This 1st hole layout shows the ID of each player plus the Menu for the
components of play. There is a scroll down (Rules) instruction display which has to be followed. There can be no deviation from the Rules and players are advised to scrutinize each others play so as to avoid any misinterpretation of play.

An array of incentives are envisage, ranging from “lowest score” of
the day, week or month, to number of “birdies” for a game. Regional and national
competitions with leader board results, are just part of the proposed marketing mix. Sponsorship, endorsement and sales of memorabilia and golf related accessories, equipment and services are all possibilities in providing a comprehensive range of entertainment facilities to the clubs members.

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