Building works

We are on site carrying out modifications to the above property, as detailed in the drawings. You will see the requirement for an extension to house a lift and construction of a new garage as well as some minor internal alterations. We would like to receive your most competitive quotation for these works in accordance with the attached drawings and below specification.

If you have any queries or require a site visit please contact me on the below.

Surface Strip & Foundations

Break up and take up existing pavings, etc as necessary, surface strip the ground areas to remove all vegetation growth and to reduce levels as necessary to suit the new construction as indicated on the drawings and engineers details.

Excavate to form raft foundation perimeter trenches as indicated on the structural engineers details. Include for all preparation and dowelling to existing foundations as indicated on those details.

Provide for and lay reinforced concrete raft foundation construction all as indicated on the structural engineers details.

At suitable stage following the formation of the raft and the raising of the walls above ground level, back fill excavations, in layers if necessary, of selected clean material well consolidated and leave ready for external works specified later.

External Walls

At all junctions of the new external walls with the existing retained walling, provide and install stainless steel wall connector system, as Catnic Stronghold or equal, continuously fixed with non-ferrous bolts and washers. Include for the system ties to be installed at max 450mm vertical centres to receive brick and blockwork. All to be executed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

After erection of the solid blockwork walling, fill joint between the existing and new walling with polystyrene backing strip and seal externally with suitable polymer based sealant, colour to be agreed. All used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Off the prepared foundations construct new external solid walling comprising 215mm Celcon Standard, or equal approved, blockwork up to dpc line. Above the dpc construct walling in 215mm Celcon Solar, or equal approved, blockwork all in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Between the existing dormer front wall and the new lift shaft walling, prepare structure by removing existing roof coverings and construction in conjunction with roofing works specified later and extend up existing front walling off existing eaves line up to the dormer soffit line all tied to the existing structure.

Note: as specified later, all solid blockwork walling to be rendered externally except for the infill between the dormer and the lift shaft walling which is to be tile hung; habitable rooms are to be clad internally with 40mm thermal board on a fixing system incorporating 25mm air space internally.

Mortar jointing to be in 1:1:6 cement/lime/sand mix or as per manufacturer’s recommendations. Include for bed joint reinforcement installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Walling externally is to be finished with recessed joints to allow for rendering. Walling internally to be finished with neat flush pointed joints particularly where to be left exposed in the garage and lift shaft.

In constructing the external walling provide and install new solid polythene damp proof course, as Cavity Trays Ltd Premium Caviroll or equal approved, stepped as necessary to maintain 150mm minimum external clearance above the abutting external ground level. Include to connect new damp course to that of the existing building.

Form new door and window openings as indicated on the drawings ensuring all bonding is made with complete or half width units.

Over new window and door openings provide for and install new lintels in accordance with the structural engineers details.

At head of internal face of walling where pitched roofs to be constructed over, provide and install new 100 x 50mm deep softwood timber wall plate to the perimeter walling at suitable line ready to receive new roof.

Externally to all new walling except the small infill panel between the lift shaft walling and the existing dormer structure, prepare new walling and render in 2 coat work to the blockwork manufacturer’s recommendations; render to finish flush with, and generally to match, the existing. Include for all necessary beads, drips, etc for the proper execution of the works.

Externally to the small infill panel between the lift shaft walling and the existing dormer structure install vapour barrier sheet, suitably sized pre-treated timber battens at suitable centres and hang concrete tiles to match the dormer and linked to the existing tiling thereof: existing salvaged tiles to be used if possible to give an aesthetic match. At the vertical line with the main lift shaft walling form a straight weathertight edge and seal to the painted render finish.

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