Permanent Makeup Treatments

it’ll be easier to speak, If its a problem do you want to pay for your brows instead of the vouchers being used, its no problem for me either way. I’ll happily give u a discount for your brows, 20 % discount. Let me know.

Hun it would be easier if you could send me some dates as I will need to check diary afternoons whilst kids are at school is best as i have limited evening as there the most popular and i have to work with mike on it. May be able to do the odd evening if ur really struggling with days.

Hi been really busy today. Got you message to be fair i have been reconsidering the whole referral scheme and I feel I have done more than enough to fulfil my end of the deal with two referrals and 3 hours of treatments for you and I am  not prepared to do any more. I dont want it to be an issue and no hard feelings but a referral is meant to work for both parties and its not working for me.

Ok so we only agreed to any of this on the basis of a referral programme u no as well as i do your doing my eyebrows was so clients could see your work I started to refer you clients but have had nothing back I have other people that I could get my eyebrows done with at cost price or complementary if that’s what I was after getting a free treatment was not my intention referrals were and i honoured your 3 hours of treatments of which i had to turn away bookings for as you couldn’t wait. £50 per client is also not worth my while getting clients for you. Again you seem to have the idea that i am in this to do treatment swaps however this is not the case. I don’t want to have to cover the same ground but i feel i need to you crossed the line when you thought it was ok to tell me i was to either book your treatments in or pay you the money for my eyebrows with 20% discount which is an insult i didn’t particularly want to do your treatments after that but i did so as far as I’m concerned after 2 referrals and one of them being 2 areas plus one event I took the time to come to, and 3 hours of treatments were even!

Hi you. Three things, I have a cheque for you for introducing your ladies and thank you so much. I need to book in with you for my stuff. Last, the client is here but has had a nightmare getting to me. I have offered to visit her at home for the retouches as she has a set up at home. As you are there for a long while on some visits perhaps we could tie up the trip in about 5 or 6 weeks, if not, we must hook up for coffee.

Listen i am busy at the moment between meetings with my manager and my clients don’t expect to be talked to so rudely out of no where when I’ve done nothing but accommodate you and promote your business with my clients leading to two referrals. Please done take the piss out of me i have not once said i wont do your treatments or have been awkward i purely asked you to send me dates as i am busy which for some reason you do not like. As for paying you the moneys for my eyebrows that’s not going to happen as it was never agreed that way or i  wouldn’t haven’t bothered if id have thought that was your intentions. Really disappointed.

Will call today for the outstanding payment to. Please provide your card details, expiry date and 3 digit security. I have your address so your details will be safe. Alternatively call if that is more convenient. Please e mail if ypu are not able
to pay (cannot take calls today).

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