Copywriter wanting work

Here is a typical reply we sent to people wanting to work in copy writing for our Essex Website Design company.

We currently use 2 different copywriters but they are part time / freelancers and could always do with extra help.

Would you be interested in creating some webcopy or proof-reading some copy on one of our websites? We are a medium sized company and have a few ‘main websites’ that you can look at to see our portfolio and quality of our webcopy

http://www.delicious-webdesign.comĀ  (main website – look at portfolio pages)

Essex Web Designers

If the work you do is good and we want to use you can you give me an idea of costs for new webcopy? A typical client needs 3000 words (10-12 pages) describing their services – some recent one we completed are shown on the portfolio pages.

Delicious Webdesign

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