Its important to have an open mind when you ask about Pay Per Click (PPC) as there are other most cost effective options available if you have a long term business that you want to build and see grow on the Internet. The following example exchange demonstrates that website owners need to be aware that PPC and SEO can be mutually beneficial tools to use at the same time to promote a website.

[Website Entrepreneur] We will shortly require expert google ppc management, can you help?

[Website Design Company] Thanks for your email that we received today, Google PPC is something we would be glad to help you with, feel free to tell us what you want or phone anytime to discuss this in more detail.

[Website Entrepreneur] Thank you for a fast response. i will now give you more detailed info. iam a very experienced internet entrepreneur with several diverse can meet my alter ego on the site given earlier.   i search for new products and ideas. i design my websites[and you can either love or hate them]  with a programmer [ together at the same time ] as i am a technical idiot myself. my latest project is on this website.  i am fully aware of the website promotion saga and know that the only fast way to get business is by GOOGLE PPC  not lower than top 4 positions on relevant keywords . i have established Google account but i have not got the know how  or the inclination  to implement, so i need a reliable pro [ mission impossible ?? ]. to run this for me initially on my main website with others to follow.  I have studied your website – big words !! I have had some so called designers/promoters in the past- the engines are heaving with them i would estimate 90% totally useless . so if your thinking is similar to mine you will kindly respond with your plan and charges for this service. as i never mislead my associates  please note my  monthly spend will initially be fairly small. ps. [ I am aware that Google can be a right pain to deal with but they control the universe]

[Website Design Company] The way we approach any project starts with the question ‘what would I do if it was our own website’. Your request is no different so I will give you my honest answer. You have asked for details about Google PPC but haven’t mentioned anything about SEO (search engine optimisation) promoting your own site to gain higher rankings / more visitors in the search engines.  I would think it would be a better use of your time / money to get your website to rank higher ‘naturally’ at the same time as running a Google PPC campaign. You probably know that PPC costs vary and one way to reduce these costs is to have an ‘optimised’ page that scores a high ‘quality score’ in Google Adwords, our SEO work will reduce your PPC costs significantly (allowing you to rank higher for the same expense in Adwords) as well as ‘naturally’ increasing your targeting visitors.

Additionally as part of an SEO program after reviewing your websites. I consider your webpages need some ‘tweaking’ and updating which can be achieved within an SEO program, take a look at the program details for:


That should give you an idea about what is involved. Both projects can be tailored to suit your budgets and needs

Look forward to hearing from you, with your thoughts.

[Website Entrepreneur] Thank you for the pages of explanations. I am fully aware what SEO is and have no confidence in this system which can take forever and is in my opinion a complete waste of time and money. Don’t know why I need to read pages when the ppc system is simple. I give you the keywords, I give you the texts within permitted no. of letters,  you tell me the bidding for top3  on my keywords, i give you the initial monthly spend, you get Google to accept it. I have an account already, you take your cut [ you already stated min £ 100] plus the setting up cost -if any and away we go. why make a mountain out of a molehill. as far as UPDATING  my website? I don’t get that or tweaking? What does tweak mean? it is obvious that you are only interested in promoting your own sites, so i thank you for your time and will not bother you further. regards

[Website Design Company] Only interested in promoting our own sites? Totally and completely wrong. Your websites are poorly put together and need updating / changing or ‘tweaking’ to ensure they are ‘relevant’ and optimised for your PPC campaign / keywords. We have national and internationally ranked websites for ‘super competitive’ keywords via SEO and know through experience that this method of promoting the site is the most cost effective / efficient way of doing it. PPC is cost effective if the campaign is managed correctly to provide a great ROI, we have clients that have daily spends of between £100 per day and £1 per day and know in minute details the benefits of SEO and PPC. Our advice was genuine and proven and if you would like us to provide SEO or PPC services we would be more than willing to help you.

[Website Entrepreneur] my style of websites have been featured on tv and national press so i would say you talk crap by saying they are poorly put together

[Website Design Company] We don’t doubt your credentials but they are both unoptimised and full of errors leading you to pay more for your PPC, to have a low conversion rate and to have very few ‘natural or organic’ website visitors, but you clearly think otherwise so good luck with your business ventures.

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