Webcopy Administration

Webcopy Administrator: Argh! Hi Daniel. having troubles with the website host so I’ve no joy with emails since Saturday, just to let you know I’m still working on some bits on the site. Hope you’re good

Essex Webdesign Company: Michelle thanks for letting me know – no dramas or rush from me

Webcopy Administrator: Hi Daniel how are you?

Essex Webdesign Company: Hello Michelle – all good, and you?

Webcopy Administrator: Really good thanks, I’m back from the block hehe!

Essex Webdesign Company: lol – I was down yesterday but after a game of racketball and long shower / sauna I am good

Webcopy Administrator: really? glad you’re ok, it just gets you sometimes! Haven’t been for my run this morning, just wanted to get on with work so will feel good later when I’ve been

Essex Webdesign Company: aye – just working on your contact form – almost got it working

Webcopy Administrator: That’s great, haven’t got any text yet so will have to just upload it to the live site when we’re ready

Essex Webdesign Company: can you forward me your 3rd email please [:)]

Webcopy Administrator: lol no the 3rd email you have received from the contact form

Webcopy Administrator: ha ha, okay!!

Essex Webdesign Company: hopefully you have 3 and I hope the 3rd one is good

Webcopy Administrator: just one so far

Essex Webdesign Company: does it say test3?

Webcopy Administrator: nope

Essex Webdesign Company: ok will do one again now, ok please check now

Webcopy Administrator: very nice indeed! I’ve just set up another facebook acc for the website too

Essex Webdesign Company: any email yet? It should be instant

Webcopy Administrator: I had just two and replied to the last one, but no ‘test3’ yet

Essex Webdesign Company: cool yes got it, test 4 is my final all good – feel free to test it yourself, should stop 99% of spam

Webcopy Administrator: wonderful! Thank you again! Am going out in a bit, I’ll forward what I’ve done for JK weddings in case you need to start uploading some stuff

Essex Webdesign Company: pleasure and no rush for wedding ring site and if you want to do a quick bit of work for me before tomorrow I would appreciate 200 words on this one essex properties in the about us page – just try to say what he has said a bit better and longer, no rush on either

Webcopy Administrator: no worries, will do. Need to get some invoices out as I’m a bit behind so will get these done for you, let me know what I owe you so far for the site

Essex Webdesign Company: I think I would prefer that you don’t pay us anything just keep adding up what you have done for us

Webcopy Administrator: ok, give me an idea though at some stage if you can, need to work to get paid too so would just help me plan if you know what I mean hun. Are we about ready to upload the new home page?

Essex Webdesign Company: yes I’m probably ready if you are – let me check

Webcopy Administrator: lovely, just sent you some files. Am off out so message you later, thanks again Daniel

Essex Webdesign Company: you are some sort of superwoman I think

Webcopy Administrator: ha ha just got this! thanks!!!

Essex Webdesign Company: never met you but think your great !

Webcopy Administrator: You’re great too – look what I’ve got, a wonderful stream of work that I enjoy, a new website and a fabulous Daniel!

Essex Webdesign Company: don’t you dare leave me

Webcopy Administrator: I’m not planning on it Mr B, I’ve worked for loads of people but I can be normal with you, it helps me do a good job

Essex Webdesign Company: normal is great! Ok about your site shall I just copy what you have so we have 3 pages then you can give me more when you do it?

Webcopy Administrator: Yes can do, sounds good I’m poised to start marketing it so bottom in gear from now on!!

Essex Webdesign Company: ok – will try to do now will back up old site

Webcopy Administrator: lovely thanks have some work to do on files in there. I have backed up but just in case…how exciting!!!!

Webcopy Administrator:  And how are you on this fine day?

Essex Webdesign Company: good as ever – busy and happy / are you coming around for a coffee?

Webcopy Administrator: I wish, I’ve the kids to entertain and a dog to get to the vets – boo!

Essex Webdesign Company: boo indeed

Webcopy Administrator: a bit boring here actually, know you’re busy won’t keep you. Will be onto the Essex Windows tonight.

Essex Webdesign Company: good / ensure you use the word double glazing in their text! They just queried why they are not ranked for that keyword and the simple answer is that it doesn’t appear on their windows pages. New request when you have a topic to write about use this tool to find other related keywords.

Webcopy Administrator:  it’s strange when people don’t understand it! Will do, double glazing is – erm pretty competitive to say the least

Essex Webdesign Company: also may make it a bit easier for you

Essex Webdesign Company: shame you can’t get a sitter and get out for the night, am out Saturday with a client and mates and staying in tonight I think

Webcopy Administrator: Will do one day, quite like the idea of having the lounge to myself for a change! Boring aren’t I :-))

Essex Webdesign Company: not really everyone needs me time

Webcopy Administrator: ha ha I’m sure! Have a great one, probably be in touch later again

Essex Webdesign Company: ok Michelle! Just got to pop out to buy a sink and tap! My life is so exciting

Webcopy Administrator: mine too, enjoy!

Essex Webdesign Company: Afternoon, may have webcopy text job coming next week (pets)

Webcopy Administrator: Hi Daniel, sounds great would that be sent my way my love?

Essex Webdesign Company: yes of course – all my text is yours these days

Webcopy Administrator:  that’s nice, thank you! Last time someone told me I was writing about ‘pets’ I ended up trying to get over my fear of spiders – 50 articles about tarantulas!

Essex Webdesign Company: 10 articles about common pets as on the site – currently text just copied from Wikipedia

Webcopy Administrator:  sounds good, I see the website too – I can tell you did it, very clean and tidy, lovely!

Essex Webdesign Company: it’s a ‘skinned’ version of the marquee one but client happy and we are happy with it

Webcopy Administrator:  Let me know how you get on, would have a field day writing those! Because I like animals, good to hear from you speak in the week x

Essex Webdesign Company: Hi Lou, see you done some other updates on your site – looks good

Webcopy Administrator: Hiya!

Essex Webdesign Company: hi – good weekend? Type faster that way you won’t get cold

Webcopy Administrator: It really is cold, my hands are fine it’s everything else you harsh boss you

Essex Webdesign Company: ha mmm like you calling me boss

Webcopy Administrator:  Hi Daniel sorry I took a call, how are you?

Essex Webdesign Company:  I’m good – busy as hell though

Webcopy Administrator: busy here too, how is it this time of year goes off?

Essex Webdesign Company: yes let me take another look now sent you 44 files and about 30 came back – you have combined some?

Webcopy Administrator: I worked on the page list and did combine some only as I wasn’t sure, I’d worked on it before you sent the files over via email Needs some more work doesn’t it…

Essex Webdesign Company: have you changed the page names?

Webcopy Administrator: Do you want me to go through and relate the page names back to those files & separate?

Essex Webdesign Company: to be honest this is a bit of a nightmare first one file that I created then the client re-created the 44 now you have put those into 30 with some combined and the 44 pages had details of ‘copied’ text and also instructions to us about what do to with the page and can’t see those instructions now

Webcopy Administrator:  let me sort it out, it was a nightmare for me too Delete that email, and the files, and I’ll administrate it so it’s in some kind of order

Essex Webdesign Company: I am looking at the file PADI instructor courses that i sent you and trying to relate it to the once you send back, wish she had stuck to my master document

Webcopy Administrator: well after trying to work to v1, then getting 4 more plus the original files it’s been awful for us both. Let me hone my organisation skills. I will name each file I created as per the page names on your ladies’ files if I combined things, then I will highlight

Essex Webdesign Company: yes the v1 to v4 was my idea to try to get things on track for us both but didn’t work

Webcopy Administrator: It worked, and then it changed!

Essex Webdesign Company: I see you left the instructions in the files which is good – for a minute I thought they were removed, my developer is going to freak at this, so annoyed I didn’t insist on the one master document, spent so long creating it as well, thanks for the recommendation also – will email him today

Webcopy Administrator: How about I go to v4, paste all my work into it in the same order and then the developer can just flow through the page names which are in bold?

Essex Webdesign Company: good idea, all good / when we meeting for coffee? Just send you a small work request, very small actually

Webcopy Administrator: why don’t we do early December, I’ll pop up during the week?

Essex Webdesign Company: yes ok December 2nd?

Webcopy Administrator: yes let’s do that 11am? Must be a Costa somewhere?

Essex Webdesign Company: Starbucks yes, ok 11am 2nd Dec Starbucks lakeside, we can pick a restaurant for delicious Christmas meal also

Webcopy Administrator: lovely, look forward to it – sorry I have put it off just trying to get a decent business going but happy with it now, oh yes cool, hope I can be there!

Essex Webdesign Company: yes good I’m pleased for you – we are massive busy also

Webcopy Administrator: good, and thanks to you that my site (which I haven’t touched yet) works perfectly! That has helped. Pleased you’re busy, I think it’s going to be a good 2012

Essex Webdesign Company: yes – reading your status – have you big news coming?

Webcopy Administrator:  I think so, just more work really but have to announce someone that will be writing a little bit for me and some more news

Essex Webdesign Company: good – change is good

Webcopy Administrator: just more work is all really, hopefully anyway – you never know and it’s looking quiet this week, time to get my tax return done!

Essex Webdesign Company: hi, expect a long moany email from me, feel free to moan back / correct me

Webcopy Administrator: okay seen it grumpy. Just kidding, I can take it! When you going to let me buy you a coffee?

Webcopy Administrator:  was thinking about that this morning, give me a week or two to catch up – now article manager for one of my clients – and we’ll sort it out, it’s been too long now

Essex Webdesign Company:  aye I’m pretty much able to do anyway with a days’ notice so leave it to you

Webcopy Administrator:  okay dokey, I’ve busy days ahead but the last week of this month we will sort something out,

Webcopy Administrator: I’m so late with your project do you still need it? sorry, every time I look at it I have something urgent come through, so sorry I’ve been really bad, not like me at all

Essex Webdesign Company: are you having trouble getting time? I can wait a little while longer

Webcopy Administrator: I had a day off and it’s thrown me, I have other writers but I prefer to do your projects myself

Essex Webdesign Company: good – happy to wait a bit longer but be good if we got it this week

Webcopy Administrator: I will make it a priority I promise. How are you anyway?

Essex Webdesign Company: yeah good and busy and just joined forces with another company so if anything will be getting busier, they are a pc repair company and after one day they have send me 2 clients

Webcopy Administrator: ah, that’s brilliant well done, recession? was there ever one lol!

Essex Webdesign Company: exactly not from what I saw

Webcopy Administrator:  the other half has struggled for a year but all the businesses I know have been amazingly busy, apart from one who rang me really depressed on Monday because he was having a quiet day

Essex Webdesign Company:  liking the new project?

Webcopy Administrator:  hiya, sorry didn’t know you were there – got plasterers here destroying my home but yes, new project good!

Essex Webdesign Company: what is the SEO company that you are writing for now? I predict webcopy will be in more demand due to Google’s recent news about pure SEO being downgraded

Webcopy Administrator: I think so, we are all in a good place I think!

Essex Webdesign Company: yes – your future is bright

Webcopy Administrator:  And yours, you have me ha ha, erm, just kidding I’m having a right day here!!

Essex Webdesign Company: like the sound of that x

Webcopy Administrator: why did you ask about company am working with hun?

Essex Webdesign Company: just being nosey – I’m now partnered with an IT Company (pc / laptop repairs) so they refer clients to me and its proving good so far

Webcopy Administrator: brilliant, that’s really good was with an IT co. but had to part ways, too busy, wanted to stick with ‘my’ guys


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