A little SEO knowledge

A little knowledge in anything is normally dangerous and this ‘advice’ from another website designer shows that when he sends a ‘personalised’ Google Search results page to a customer as proof that they are ranking highly!
We did a search on Google which you will see on the image attached. You did not pay me for any SEO work however I optimised for more than 5 phrases within the cost. 3 months SEO work at that cost is absolutely shocking and is more than what you paid to have the whole site designed and built. If you want to give something like SEO optimisation a whirl, pay a much bigger reputable company about £300 a month. Give Delicious Webdesign a call. They appear top for most search phrases on the search engines regarding SEO. And as said before, this guy is offering you top 3 (which you already appear in my neck of the woods) so where will that leave his other customer?
Your site is fully content managed so you can get a company on board and manage all of this yourself, I will then help if any technical issues arise. Please don’t use this guy. I had no intention of using him. I just wanted you to see what he was sending me. As I said before I did not really want to leave the other parts of our business with him. You advised us to do so. Thank you for your advice on SEO.
Unfortunately he has got you regarding the hosting but happy to leave the website with me as discussed. I hate people in the industry like him who rip people off with scare tactics. Just did some searches for Essex, Kent, Cambridge, Suffolk and Newmarket and you are well up there. Just ignore him or tell him to stop emailing you regarding this. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

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