Hosting Review

This is an example of the information that we send our clients after we review their site at the end of their hosting period, prior to renewal:

Hope everything is good with you and your business. Even though we are only hosting your domain we are just doing a one year review of your site, as we do for every business, and saw that the rankings snapshot I done for you when talking about your SEO previously has not improved for the search term I chose.

Worryingly it has actually decreased in 2 search engines (Google and Yahoo) and only made a modest increase in one, obviously during our SEO projects we need to choose 5 – 10 search terms for your site to optimise, so this search term is only one but probably your most important, but would like to think that big increases could be achieved quite easily:

your primary search phrase is  16th in Bing, 14th in Google and 60th in Yahoo
your secondary search phrase is 20th in Bing, 10th in Google and 14th in Yahoo

Have a look at our most recent SEO rankings I hope that shows that we can deliver improvements for you.

I would like to think I can achieve a number one ranking for the search term “chocolate fountain essex” and be able to put your site in my portfolio of SEO success at a later date.

Here are some recommendations for your site if you wanted to improve it which should improve its position in the search engines:

1, Add a Blog >> full details on blogs:  An integrated blog will cost £200 and allow you to add as many pages as you want (and you can optimise these pages yourself with a little help from me to point you in the right direction)

2, Add some extra pages to the site perhaps have more testimonials pages or add more photos to your gallery or add pages dedicated to new things you can offer ? cost is dependent on exactly what you want as you know we can do the text for you also.

3, PPC campaign – Perhaps have a Google PPC advert you can start this on a small budget of £1 per day, will charge only the Google PPC charge plus 10% for managing it.

Did you ever consider the site changes and / SEO offer? I mention it as I was looking at rankings of chocolate fountain companies yesterday and noticed that you are still moving down or sideways along the rankings.

In Google your ranking for the competitive search term ‘chocolate fountain essex’ is now 8th (it was 4th about a year ago)

If you are interested the SEO project details are here:  As its Christmas and I am confident in getting you top 3 for 4-5 different search terms and as you were  happy with us with your website transfer. I am willing to reduce the cost of the 3 month SEO project from £800 – £900 to £700 – £800 with no monthly commitment afterwards, plus will reduce the cost of webcopy and the blog by 10% if you decide you want to increase your rankings / visitor numbers and website standing / popularity then this is a good option for you.

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