Do you need SEO?

This is a good conversation between a plumbing company and website designers after they have been visited by an SEO company. The website they own totally needed a redesign as it had copied content / was dated / didn’t have any calls to action and was not Search Engine Friendly and actually was quite bland and unimpressive. Unfortunately they had been convinced they needed just SEO, surprise surprise from an SEO company.

[Plumbing Company] hi again, how much would you charge for SEO? and is that included in the deal you offered me before or is it completely separate?

[Website Designers] The SEO is included in the Premium Plus website I am offering you for that price, you get a search engine friendly site created / build and published by us and we promote it in the search engines once its been delivered to you if you search for ‘essex builders’ in google we have 3 clients in the top ten so that shows you we know all about promoting (SEO) of a website.

[Plumbing Company] ok so there is no monthly fee for it or anything?

[Website Designers] nope – no hidden costs – no monthly fees, you have a yearly hosting fee of £45 payable every year after the first year. If you want you can come and see me and let me show you this stuff in person – it will put your mind at ease.

[Plumbing Company] Which one of your ones is the essex builders search? do you know of Rocketfish? we have just had a meeting with them but i explained to my boss that you were much cheaper do you provide the same service as them?

[Website Designers] The three builders in the top 10 should be
johns-brickwork, edenwood-building-services, coates builders and we have one on the next page also, the company is milbarn construction.

[Plumbing Company] Regarding the website design / SEO company we talked to do you know about them?

[Website Designers] I have seen their website but know them as a SEO company only / did they come to your offices? You dont need pure seo you need a search engine friendly redesigned website that naturally ranks highly and can be polished to be improved over the coming months

[Plumbing Company] Yes they came to our office, we don’t need seo?

[Website Designers] No you dont need ‘pure seo’ so if you came to us and said ‘seo’ my website I would say the website needs a redesign / more pages / content that will automatically make the website rank high then the seo work after the site is launched would ‘polish’ or promote it further.
We even had a client that came in yesterday that has a website has had some seo work completed and now come to us as both jobs have produced no work at all

[Plumbing Company] I’m confused so you mean we need seo and a website design? whats pure seo? Would you be able to come into our office to have a meeting with me and my boss?

[Website Designers] Sorry for the confusion. I would be able to come to your office

[Plumbing Company] Are you free tomorrow? because she goes on holiday after that

[Website Designers] Possibly – where are you ?

[Plumbing Company] Thurrock near lakeside x

[Website Designers] I can come to you but have two other clients coming in the morning – We are in Stanford-le-hope, normally clients come to me as I will be better able to show you what we can do and have my computers setup here – if you want me to come to you then I can though sometime in the afternoon, happy to come and happy for you to come to Stanford.  We Will come see you and Anne tomorrow / do you have wifi in your offices ?

[Plumbing Company] yes apparently we have wifi x

[Website Designers] ok so just to get my head straight about what you want. I think you want / need a redesigned website that is search engine friendly (automatically SEO’ed) and then to continue to promote it as times goes on. I don’t think you need a ‘Pure SEO’ solution whereby your site is ‘polished’ as its not ready for that.

[Website Designers] Lucky we specialise in search engine friendly websites and SEO with a good track record of success so it should be easy for us to take your website / redesign and promote it.

[Plumbing Company] Mum’s been told by a friend that we need seo but I don’t really know what the difference is?

[Website Designers] Ok but without blowing my trumpet worked in IT and the Internet all my life / run a website design and SEO company with national / internationally ranked websites and I know your website needs promoting (SEO) but it needs to be build correctly first – take my word for this. Its like polishing a rusty car (it wont work) With your existing ‘content’ your website’s promotion would be a waste, hope thats understandable – better in person explaining this.

[Plumbing Company] Yes we do want a new website x

[Website Designers] Yep agreed, also don’t know if you looked at our portfolio but we have two small plumbers / heating engineer companies search essex plumbing heating should bring up and neither have had SEO but they have been build in a search engine friendly way.

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