Questions to ask your Website Designer

Here is a sample list of questions you can give you website designer, some are tricky ones that you should know the answer to before they give you their answer.

It was a pleasure to speak to you, in order that we may evaluate your services before deciding to proceed, please provide:

1 A current client list this should include their current rankings in Google, Google Maps, Bing and  Yahoo search Engines, these results should be up to date and independently verifiable. Please note these should not ideally  be the two companies you have highlighted in your testimonials.

2 Indicate those customers that we may contact for references. Please note these should not be the two companies highlighted by yourself already in your testimonials

3 With regard to website design what is the process, for example will you meet with us, understand our services and design in accordance with our requirements? How many pages are included? Will this be a unique website or from a template? What will the Client approval process be? How many options will be presented?

4 Please provide a list of previous websites designed by yourself.

5 Please provide a list of deliverables and the time line for elements listed in the proposal.

6 Will You guarantee a google ranking?

7 Will your website company guarantee increased enquiries?

8 How will you generate site links?

9 What are the deliverables during the service period. I.e. how often will the site be updated, checked? How often will the results be optimised? How often will our competitors be checked etc. How many man hours will be allocated to the site.

10 What services are excluded from the offer that we may require later?

11 Do you recommend online advertising?

12 What (if any) are the most common extra over costs for those customers using the your website design / SEO packages.

13 What is the response time to any problems we may be facing? What are your office opening hours etc.

14 How many staff will be allocated to the project at each stage.

15 Please provide a copy of the proposed contract conditions in order that we may review them.

We look forward to your prompt amicable response

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