Getting Website Links

An easy and simple / quick idea to get more links is to swap them with friends / competitors and suppliers, below are  example emails you can send once you have put a link to them on your links page:

example 1: I hope things are going well and you’re starting to get busy. I have recently been updating our website and one of the things I have been keen to improve is our website links to suppliers whom we deal with on a regular basis. We have had a link to your homepage on our site for a while now, see link below, and was therefore wondering if you could return the favour and add a link back to us somewhere on yours, whether it be under venues, or suppliers etc.

 Website links are becoming increasingly important in Google ratings, and it’s therefore something that I want to improve.

example 2: are in the process of updating and upgrading our website(with a little technical help of course!) We have had a really good response to our site and are keen to promote the quality companies whose product and service we know. As we all know the more links the more hits to all our websites.You have been our our links page for some time and whilst instigating the changes I discovered that we haven’t got a reciprocal link on your website. I attach our logo which I hope can be added very soon. Hope you are busy with bookings , any queries do contact me.

example 3, if you have a website that could be valuable enough to charge for links: We are delighted to announce our new redesigned website. Our website has been re-launched with a vibrant new look, new content, significant layout changes, and is hopefully more user friendly. The focus of the redesign is mainly centred on the Essex Wedding scene, enabling our site to be the premier online guide for Brides in Essex.We will be seeing a big push to raise the profile of the Website in 2012-13, so at as little as £10.00 for an entire years listing, now is the time to get advertising with us and share in our success.

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