Make my website rank higher

A common request and here is a sample standard exchange between a website design company and a client wanting their website to rank higher

Website Client –  I would love some help with by web page! Could you let me know your rates. As you can see from my current web page, I am a psychotherapist working as a sole practitioner. I know from the web page that the number of phones calls I get does in no way correspond to the number of people who look at the site! Is this something you can help with and if so, what would you charge? I look forward to hearing from you, With many thanks.

Website Design / SEO Expert – Just had a quick 10 minute check of your website and quickly found 5 things that believe that if sorted / fixed / updated / changed would benefit yourself in terms of making your website more ‘complete’ which should in tern should make your site more attractive to the search engines, increasing your visitor numbers and ‘conversion rate’, which is the % of website visitors that phone or email you.

Our standard SEO program is run over 3 months and costs £900 we improve / polish (optimise) and promote your website and normally can increase your visitor numbers by a high percentage over a 12 month period. In your case there is a fair amount of ‘onsite’ work on your actual website that we would recommend before any optimising takes place. These additional tasks could add to your SEO work / cost depending on how aggressive you want to improve your website.

There are a certain number of ‘choices’ you have to make your website better and all those are based on the theory of ‘what I would do if it was my website’ with a long term view. I recommend a meeting with me in Stanford-le-Hope to go over your options. Alternatively I am happy to discuss these on the phone.

Website Client –  Thank you for your prompt reply and I appreciate your full response.  However, £900 is just outside my budget for this – I’m so sorry.  If this should change, i will of course come back to you.

Website Design / SEO Expert -We have the potential to tailor an SEO program to your budget and can really recommend that even if you have only £500 to spend on your website that you would get good value for money (ROI) from any SEO work we complete.

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