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We get a lot of website design requests for the specialised area of Adult Website Design and to give you an idea of what happens we include these sample questions and answers:

Request 1
Adult Website Owner – Hi, I got this site designed with products already loaded by a drop-shipper offering free website design. My website address [removed]. The website is not as user friendly as I’d like and I would like it to look and have similar functionality to love honey. Would you please tell me what the requirements and cost would be to get my site looking like that?

Adult Website Designers – You will need a full redesign / upgrade of your ecommerce system to have a website that looks and works like the lovehoney one. The cost will be between £1900 and £2400 depending on your exact requirements that we can only know by you visiting us or filling out our project details form. Feel free to get back to us if that sounds in the range of your budget.

Adult Website Owner – Thanks Delicious Webdesign for your really prompt response.It is within our budget and we do need to get this done. In terms of requirments, I’m not particarly knowledgeabe about websites; just know enough to know that the lovehoney site is really user friendly.

I wouldn’t need to have the loyalty point buttons but would definitely want to have my categories and site navigation as clear a theirs as well as well as the ability to retain information on users searches and make recommendations. The pictures and link are also very good so would want that too.

I would also need the site to be multi currency if possible and as I own the .com and would also like the functionality to be included where depending on which country you are shopping from, it directs you to a mirror website for that country and takes payment in that currency. This is because I also intend to trade in Africa. Can you advise what the payment terms for this would be, the process and how long it would take should you agree on terms and do the website redesign for me? Is there also a possibility of it costing slightly less than the amount quoted?

Adult Website Designers – You would obviously need to supply all images for the new site, stock images can be purchased quite inexpensively Multi-currency would be possible but your need for the .com redirecting to another website depending on the country of origin would be possible but very expensive and not recommended. Most big retailers have a UK and US website and that would be possible but would involve creating and maintaining two websites / two lots of inventory and think that may be too much initially. The best solution would be to have a .com domain with functionality to shop in multi-currencies and ship to different countries.

We would need a 50% deposit and final payment on completion, would assume you would choose Paypal to be your payment provider again. Depending on the speed you provide the design images or if you wanted us to provide the main website images and add text we can possibly complete this site within 6 weeks. Final Costs depend on your answers and any specific requests you have.

Adult Website Owner – It then makes sense to go for the option you’ve recommended; a multi currency site. I would prefer that you provide pictures and text where possible. Given the fact that your quote is in the 2k region, this is not something I can afford right now. I should however be able to pay in june so would appreciate if you could schedule me in for then. I will be in contact and thanks again

Request 2
XXX Website – Hello, we are looking for someone to design our site. What I would like to have is a site that looks very classy from the home page, maybe using the same colors we already have with the meaning of the site on it “a term a girl used for her male **** buddy. almost a term of endearment. it is her way of saying “you’re cute, we have a little something but I’m mainly using you for the ****”.  From there it should have a disclaimer saying that you must be 18 to enter site. That kind of thing.

And then the site would go to the ‘real’ matter. If we can put advertisers on the home page that would be great. Remember that we want the content to come from the visitors, ladies hopefully. We are looking to have more of a blog kind of content where someone could read the blog and rate up or down and maybe even input their own reviews.

Tag… Sexually Explicit Adult Literature. Here is a possible description…

An online community designed to help people fulfill their erotic desires. We are here to link like minded people with one goal in mind, to create and act out your wildest dreams. No matter how unique you feel your fantasy are, it’s our goal to find someone who has the same passions as you!

And some ideas…

Hello and welcome to your online community to explore your erotic nature. we are a revolutionary website that is just starting our adventure. we are seeking free spirited individuals to share fantasies or actual experiences . you will be the pioneers of this website, your post will fuel the fire that drives peoples erotic nature. what we need from you is to post your stories thru blogs videos and pictures. we would like to thank you for your support and look forward to watching this grow as people explore their passions.

We are a revolutionary online community and we are looking for individuals who would like to be the pioneers of an exciting and erotic adventure. We are a brand new website that is sure to ignite a flame of passion to your erotic nature, we are seeking people with stories they would like to share and in turn they would be able to read others stories.

Our goal is to pair like minded individuals for the purpose of fulfilling each other’s erotic desires. we are determined to help you achieve your ultimate climax by introducing people with the same fantasies. our easy to use online community will allow you to post and search your deepest desires with other members who have the same passion and erotic needs as you. This last line should help you in the design ideas of the website, really shows how we want the website to look. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Company that make Adult Websites – You have covered the look and some text for the site but the real process of the site needs to be confirmed, its clear you want to build an online community to share adult stories but you need to give us some more information about how this works, our assumptions if you want it like lush stories will be:

Membership required to post stories
Membership is free
Advert slots to the right and bottom of each page
Online forum
Static pages for FAQ / Contact us etc
Search facility for stories and members
Categories shown on pages
Newest stories on front page
Membership section gives profiles with a gallery section

Please add and / or correct to these points. What budget do you have for this site and when does it need completing. The example sites vary enormously and we cant give an exact quote until you tell us exactly what you want but will give you an approximate costing / quote so currently if you want a site like your first example then it will cost $1200 USD going up to $7000 USD for a site like your second example.

If you wanted all the functionality then we would be looking at $9500 but would need a complete breakdown of what you expect before we would commit to an exact quote. We would need 25% to commence work, two more 25% payments predetermined milestones in the development and the final payment when you are 100% happy

Request 3
Sex Website – Hi I am sending this out to 6 to 9 web designers. I would like a quote for the following web site design. Basing the concept on this website please have a look at this site so you can have an idea what I want. I have a domain name which models and photographers would identify with. The site would have quite a few forums One for Models seeking paid work Models seeking work for time for prints Models offering paid work Photographers seeking paid work Photographers offering time for prints Photographers offering paid work Studios & Locations Stylist required for paid work Stylist looking for work. Agencies offering paid work A Forum for models only A Forum for photographers only A stylist discussion A general open discussion forum A Wanted / For sale / props/ equipment. There would have been categories for different countries, eg UK Community broken into different categories

Web Designers for Adult Sites – Do you have a full project plan or do you simply want a website like net-model at this time? The amount of forums isnt a real problem but need to know much more before giving a rough quote.
Do you have any other marketing planned?
Any idea of forum capacity requirements?
Will you host this website yourself?
Do you want any member the ability to create a portfolio?
Do you want the same account types as the adult model website?
What is the premium account type?

Sex Website – I don’t have a plan and would like the site similar as the adult model website but easier to get around (navigate it). I don’t have a planned market as quotes from other web designers would point us in the right direction and also host it. Capacity cant predict this. The models and photographers can create portfolios, same account types as the adult model website. There will be no premium accounts.

Also i would need you to recommend a bank that would take the payments, everybody that joins would have to pay a yearly subscription. Can you also please send me some of the sites that you have developed for me to have a look at.

Web Designers for Adult Sites – We can create a site similar to the Internet Model website, we would probably suggest you stick with paypal for payments (universal acceptance and security and will work out cost effective as you have no idea how many members / how many payments you will have early on) This can be changed at a later date to directly accept credit cards.  Sites that we have designed are in our portfolio and we have some budget ones that aren’t on the portfolio. We have created an adult directory and a lap dancing club website that are completed.

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