New website promotion

Good I am glad you are interested as you know I have a passion for diving and I have priced this work realistically as I want to work with dive companies as its much more inspiring for me and as you can see from my previous results, I know we can deliver the results for you and want to bring your company more success and may even manage a visit to Phuket at the end of the year and will come and check you out.

I would like to think that once the website re-design plus the SEO project is completed (SEO project will be 3 months) that we will arrange a long term relationship whereby we can offer you a monthly / bi-monthly SEO update for your site and external web sources (external links / directories etc) This will keep your site tuned and competitive and the search engines love sites that are updated.regularly.

Its inevitable that once your site is listed highly it will slowly drift around then start to go down the rankings (over time) but if its updated regularly with new pages added and content added to the existing pages with ‘tweaks’ made to the code it will remain highly ranked.

Please dont think that all the work is down to us  I will ask a reasonable amount of work from yourself, especially by adding entries to our news page and blog pages. I will obviously update this myself but ‘real’ news from yourself will be updated by yourself via  CMS (update your own website ) that I will build into your site or you can simply email us and we will update your site once you give us the text.

You need to start collecting testimonials / and photos or ex-students and photos of them training / diving / working, the search engines love photos, I will also be requesting videos from you and will host them with youtube and google video and allowing them to be viewed from your site.

Finally the website / blog and new ecommerce part of the website is finished and a big thank you to website designer James Brabyn and his team at Delicious Webdesign! This was such a big task.

I am definitely interested in your offer. Just one question is once you have done SEO how do I keep it up to date?? Stay in the first pages?


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