Dodgy Motor Trader

The car seller in Hockley (advertises his vehicles as repossessions on ebay) has sold me a car with a crucial part missing (transfer box motor) and didn’t disclosed that, this part was removed to disguise the fact that the transfer box is faulty, additionally they haven’t send DVLA the registration docs after 4 weeks.

In more detail:

Once you agree to purchase the car you fill in the registration form they then produce a form that you are forced to sign saying the vehicle is a trade sale and there is no guarantee or warranty as its un-roadworthy then you are ‘told’ to sign on to your ebay account to give positive feedback and to say its collected, I initially refused this but he said ok then I will prefer not to sell it to you, really awkward situation I reluctantly agreed to leave feedback. I then got the vehicle directly to a Dealers (Land Rover) who told me of the many critical faults / fixes that cost £1600 plus they dropped the bombshell saying a part was removed (the part is a transfer box motor for a Range Rover) and it would cost £1700 when this part was purchased and fitted it indicated that the actual transfer box needs replacing as it was damaged due to the other part being taken (total cost of that transfer box is £3250) Since then I have found that the jack and the Navigation CD was removed indeed anything that could be taken off the vehicle was removed prior to sale (including Diesel as only had 10 miles left in tank when it was picked up)

I visited them prior to purchase and contacted two buyers who said they were happy apart from another guy that has left feedback followup as his 50k miles on his lexus was really 100k miles as it had been clocked

I guess there may be good cars there but from my situation I regret going there I have been left with a vehicle that I paid £8350 for that required an immediate £1600 to make it good to drive then it will cost £4700 (transfer box plus motor) to get it to work

After not getting my V5 document I contacted DVLA who confirm they havent received the  V5 from the previous owner (its been 4 weeks since purchase)


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