Business Internet Connection

You have lots of choices and as a Website Design company the Internet is as important as it gets, but this is one reason (below) why we aren’t with Sky anymore

Have had No Internet / No Telephone line since the 11th, have contact you via phone and chat on 11 occasions, and still keep getting told to wait 72hours I Raised a fault on Wednesday and got a phone call from an engineer on Friday to say the fault was fixed as well as a text from sky on Sunday to say the fault was fixed but the fault is not fixed (both telephone and broadband are not working still ) I then got promised an engineer visit on Monday between 1-5 and at 6 I got told they may come up to midnight, I stayed up until 2 but no visit. At 830 the next morning the engineer knocked then confirmed I didn’t have broadband / phone then said he would fix as they had the cabinet open at the end of the road. He didn’t return, he didn’t fix it. I have been very very very frustrated with the lack of phone / internet and ‘fobbing’ off from customer service that also lead to a manager phoning me then saying he would phone me on Wednesday to update me (he didn’t phone back) This is getting very very urgent for me as i run a home business and rely on telephone and internet connection to work, I am losing work and money by the lack of service and poor information, I really urge you to help me thanks (obviously phone number above doesnt work) This was send using my mobile data allowance from my phone

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