Adult Website Design – Video Downloading

Here is a good example of how its important to give the website design company full details about your requirements before a quote is requested. Sometimes its not good enough to simply say ‘we want a website like that’ and give a list of websites. The more detailed the requirement, the quicker and more accurate the quote for your Adult Website

[Adult Company] We are currently filming content for a new fetish website and would ask if you would be interested in looking at putting it together for us? It not a `porn` site, simply fetish in an area which is well supported. We are looking for a membership site, onto which we can
upload videos for members to download, photo galleries, a blog, something like CCbill for secure payments and one or two other bits and pieces. We are very good at what we do and are well know within our particular area. What we are not good at is building a website. It you can assist us it would be of interest. Please feel free to email in the first instance and then perhaps we may have a chat on the telephone.

[Website Design Company] As mentioned on the phone we would be glad to help, the streaming / downloading aspect of the website will be the key part of the site as we may
need a specialised server that is able to stream live video. Do you have any forcasts about website visitors traffic etc Do you have any guide sites for us to look at to see what you want exactly? Can you give us an idea of the physical size of your videos, we are estimating something like 20mb per video and you are aiming to have 200 by the end of the first year

[Adult Company]  The type of downloading we were looking for would be found on sites such as the ones I just showed you via the phone conversation. As for the traffic……difficult one..?

[Website Design Company] It looks like you want a members only video downloading website with ccbill as the payment provider, we will go away and work out a quote for you using the example websites as guides. Still working on a competitive quote for you  Will contact you as soon as we have all our ideas together and give you a quote / time for this project. We are working on the following parameters for each video to have the following inputs (fields) – field list given.

[Adult Company] Thank you James, that makes me feel better! I thought for one minute I was doing something wrong. I hope the two guide sites were ok. If you need any more information, please just give us a shout. We look forward to seeing what you come up with and hopefully to working with you.

[Website Design Company] We have now checked your requirements and looked at the reference websites and we are able to fully implement the CCBILL payment gateway integration for your adult video membership website, we would be able to build your admin control panel from where the administrator can upload videos and set the video details as well set prices.

So we are happy to say that we can build this project for you but after looking at the requirements it seems that we won’t be able to complete it for any less than £3500, if this is acceptable then we will continue to work towards a full proposal design quote for you.

This site will take 40 days of design and development time before its live (assuming you return our questions / draft designs in a timely manner). We will need an initial £1000 deposit to begin the project.

After talking to you yesterday I appreciate this is over your budget but due to the technical demands and website complexity there is no way the project can be done for any less. If you want to go ahead with this project the we would welcome this decision and we can start design / development work within 3 weeks (subject to you providing any more details about your requirements) as long as a deposit is received.

[Adult Company] Many thanks for the reply. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you with the last set of details, I was away for a couple of days. We still have to arrive at a file size for each video and also decide if they will be 10 or 15 minute clips. The full HD camera setting gives a size which is perfect for DVD, but too large to put in clip form and we will therefore be looking to twaek that a little bit.

Looking at the very good example adult website we talked about, they do three different qualities for downloading, which give their 30 minute films options for downloading.

Whilst your price is slightly over our expected budget, it is not out of the question by any means. However, we would like a little more detail as to what is included with that price and if or not it includes VAT.

There was also the question of the monthly cost of running the site in terms of bandwidth that you were going to look at. Could you give us an indication on that too?

[Website Design Company] We didn’t know or wasn’t made aware of the 3 video formats, if you know this and have more specific / technical details about how you want your site to work then please give them to us so we can re-evaluate the requirements as its really important to tell us everything up front as its much more difficult / expensive to change / add functions on during development.

The price is a set price, we are not VAT registered (yet) so that price will be a firm price and all that you will pay.  The quoted price will include the following limitations, these have been worked out to be generous and in excess of your expected setup / 1st year requirements.

Monthly bandwidth 40GB
Diskspace allocation 10GB

Obviously if you go over these then the website is being a big success and we can upgrade your account easily and cheaply:

extra 20GB Bandwidth every month will be £200 per year or £20 per month
extra 20GB Diskspace per year will be £200 per year or £20 per month

In the unlikely event you go over these if the site becomes very popular we can put your adult website on its own dedicated server that will allow you anything from 650GB to 10TB bandwidth per month and from 250GB to 1TB of disk space.

If you get to this stage then your personal server and its configuration will be tailored to your requirements and can cost from £150 per month upwards. I think we should re-consider your options every 3 months or depending on the site progress. Look forward to your reply

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