SEO Analysis Proposal

Highlights of SEO tasks

Full Page by Page Web Site Analysis
On Page SEO Implementation
Web Page Restructuring
Site Map Creation
Site Map Verification
Website Hosting (subject to review)
Dmoz Listing
Google Place Page set up & Optimisation
Quality Directory Submissions
Unique Articles written
Article Submissions (as provided)
Blogger Blog Basic Set Up
Blogger Blog Custom Design
Social Media
Facebook Set Up and Promotion
Facebook management & Updates (as provided)
Facebook Custom Landing Page
Facebook ‘like’ button integration
Twitter Set Up / Demo
Twitter Custom Background Design
Twitter friend Seeding / Followers
Google + Business Page integration
LinkedIn Set Up Assistance
Social Bookmarking
Link Building
Blogger Blog Postings (as provided)
Daily Motion Set Up Daily Motion Set Up
Digg Profile Creation
Delicious Profile Creation
Stumbled Upon Profile Creation
Bookmark Web Page & Blog Posts 250+
Video & Image Optimisation
Video Creation 1
Image Optimisation
Video Optimisation
You Tube Set Up
You Tube Custom Set Up
You Tube Video SEO
Metacafe Set Up
Data Capture & Lead Management
Data Capture Points with Incentives
Web Response Form
Lead Management / CRM Software
Email Marketing Software
Email Template Designed 6
Service Package
Customer Service Videos
Quarterly Reviews
Delicious Webdesign Reporting Software (Monthly Reports)
Google Analytics Set up / Implementation
Online Project Tracker

As agreed the Initial payment plus 12 Monthly Payments of the agreed amount.
Agreed price to include a revamp of the website

The above price is only available until the agreed rate

Included in the Delicious Webdesign Package

  • On Page SEO (Search Engine Analysis & On Page Optimisation)
  • Indepth analysis of each page within your web site followed by the implementation of code and content changes to reflect your selected search phrases.
  • The analysis involves comparisons between your competitor web sites, web sites that appear on the first page of Google and other known search engine requirements.
  • This analysis continues throughout the life of your agreement with changes being made as and when required.
  • Link Building (link Popularity)
  • Directory Submissions (Competitor Links) This involves analysing the links coming into your competitors web sites (those that appear at the top of Google) picking out the links that offer the most value and replicating these links to your web site. Submitting your site to a number of quality business or trade specific directories does not only drive potential traffic directly from these Directories but also boosts your link popularity. Delicious Webdesign has eliminateda lot of the guess work by compiling a master list of directories that Google has consistently valued for link popularity.
  • Article Submissions – Article submission is an essential part of the SEO process and a very good way of increasing quality traffic as well as quality links. There are a number of trusted article submission sites that are valued by Google and all other major search engines. These submission sites are used by people who are looking for interesting and good copy and they have a lot of visitors in their own right. We take a piece of copy and create an account on each of the article submission sites (including a profile for your company that carries tremendous link value). We structure the copy so that it carries a quality thematic link back to the specific page within your main site that requires increased link popularity.

We want you to provide as much content as you possibly can – at this stage you do not need to worry too much about the quality as long as it is relevant to you, your industry, or your products and services. We can work with product specifications, PR material, general industry news or your view on something current within your industry.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking works in the same way as your bookmark or favourites button on your own PC. Currently you will save web sites, news stories or directories that you like to revisit again sometime in the future. Social Bookmarking works in exactly the same way however, when you save a site it becomes available for other people with similar likes and dislikes to view. This way like-minded people can recommend sites that they feel you may also like. The implications are clear in that people who bought your product and saved your site should be recommending it to other people who may also buy your products. Our team create basic or bespoke profiles (Gold package) on the main Social Bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg and Stumble Upon etc. Not only can Social Bookmarking directly increase your traffic but it also offers an opportunity to increase the link popularity to your main web site or blog post or video etc.


Delicious Webdesign creates a standard or bespoke blog on a your own your website using your own company branding and logo’s etc. The purpose of a blog is to create commentary about your company, products, services and general industry news. Search engines like Google want to give their users as much information as possible about each subject they search for and so if someone does a search for “Hotel Rooms” for example then they may serve up a number of web pages on the first page of their results, however they may also serve up commentary from blogs, video’s and or articles from various news feed sites and so it is important we give your company as much coverage as possible. The by product is that blogs are an exceptional way of increasing good quality links to your main site and our
team structure the articles and content so that we can deliver quality thematic links
from the body of the content back to the pages within your main site that requires
the additional link juice.

Google Places (Local Maps)

This is an important aspect of Google’s search results. Google are trying to take over the space when it comes to local search and have created Google Places as a means of achieving this. When you do a search for a generic or fairly national phrase then nothing much has changed i.e. “New Cars” however if you make that search local in that you search for “New Cars in Manchester” then Google serves up to 10 local companies, including a pin within the map at the top of its search results. Anyone can create a Google place page however to be effective it needs optimising as per any normal web page. Our team will ensure the place page is bespoke, optimised and carries all important reviews and tags to encourage your place page to appear above your competitors. Supplying us with c ompany photos or Video to upload to your places page is something we encourage (max 10). This all helps generate quality and highly targeted local traffic.

Social Media

Social Media has become an essential part of the online marketing mix for any small to medium sized business. Our team will create bespoke company branded accounts as below for all the major social media opportunities. We will also ensure each post improves link popularity to your main site, blog posts and articles through quality thematic links either within the post itself or within the profile created for your company.

Video Creation and Optimization (if applicable)

You Tube is now the second biggest Search Engine in the World and with over 3 Billion videos viewed each day from a demographic age range of between 18 and 56. Video is the
fastest growing source of Lead Generation in the US today and leads can be generated from Video streaming platforms such as You Tube, Daily Motion and Metacafe.

Delicious Webdesign can create a company video and optimise it as we would a web page on all the major search engines for a targeted search phrase or your company name. This helps build your brand awareness and online credibility on the web.

Data Capture & Lead Management

One of the most important changes you can make to your web site in order to increase leads is to add quality incentivised data capture. Delicious Webdesign will add multiple data capture points throughout your web site. We have developed unique lead management software designed specifically to manage your online leads and opportunities. The system contains a diarised prospect system, lead filtering system,
reporting, email marketing and SMS campaigns and links directly to your web site via
the multiple data capture points.

Email Marketing

Delicious Webdesign can design and build print quality email templates that are branded to your business. The lead management software then allows you to send unlimited email campaigns to your data. Data can be filtered to send targeted email campaigns.

Project Tracker / Customer Service Videos

We are constantly trying to use different methods to increase and improve communication with our clients whilst keeping the cost of the project as low as possible. Employing an army of people to constantly phone our clients only drives up costs and so whilst we have account handlers to deal with any enquiry we also have a project tracker so that our customers can follow their project every minute of every day. One recent addition to this process has been our customer service videos and we have created a short video for every aspect of the process and every piece of work we will carry out on your behalf. The feedback to date from our existing customers has been incredible and each video allows you to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how long it will take. Each video allows our clients to pause the commentary and follow live and real time on their site the work that has been carried out and we also have videos offering advice on how to get more from our products and more from the World of Online Marketing.

Reporting software

Delicious Webdesign send you monthly reports covering all the key metrics that ensure your website is performing as it should be.


Our clients normally experience a huge increase in Website Traffic

We aim put you on the first page of Google for a variety of relevant and targeted Keywords

We generate traffic from Search Engines
We generate traffic from Facebook
We generate traffic from Twitter
We generate traffic from Video
We dramatically improve conversion ratios

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