Need my website redesigned

If you think you need it redesigned then 9 times out of 10 it does, after a few minutes we can tell you if your site meets current standards and if it is suitable for your business sector, here is a sample brief conversation that demonstrates this point:

[Website Designers] just been sent me a message saying that you are maybe interested in a website. What have you got in mind?you can message / email or phone me

[Essex Drainage Company] We need a new website for the company I work at. Its a drainage company and we need to improve our website, at the moment its really rubbish. I’ll have a look at your website. Have you got prices and stuff?

[Website Designers] If you have an existing website and simply want a price then that’s difficult to give exactly as there are so many variables and probably I need to see the existing website and then give you some advice / options – to see our ‘basic prices’ take a at our packages page but more importantly look at our porfolio and testimonials pages here

[Essex Drainage Company] I think our existing one needs to be started over again to be honest, if you can have a look and let me know what you think? I will look at your prices and testimonials thank you.

[Website Designers] yes agreed your existing one looks pretty dated although your logo is good, the website has copied text (on every page I checked) and html errors on it as well as using flash for the banner that doesnt work on ipad / iphone and non-flash enabled browsers. We can make your site look excellent, bring in the customers (by improving your ranking and visitor numbers) and make it a valuable tool for you. I would say it needs a full redesign and our copywriter to check all your webcopy (text) and create lots more unique / relevant text for your website (especially your services)

[Essex Drainage Company] Ok thank you how many pages would we need?

[Website Designers] You have that correct already – you have 20 pages and correctly have one per service so minimum of 20 – more the better for the search engines
the cost doesnt change much for more pages as the majority of them are the same format – I would like a services page that had images and descriptions for each of your services.

[Essex Drainage Company] How much would you say it would be then roughly?

[Website Designers]  I can give you a ‘friend of a friend’ discount but you need a new website with 20 pages and would recommend a blog (pages you can add / update with your news and your photos / videos as you make them)  as well as having us optimise / promote the site and create 3000 new words of content for your services – so your looking at £1400 – would imagine that you would easily double your website visitor numbers within 6 months, actually thats being conservative – easily double or treble your website visitors within 6 months. Impressive that you started the business from scratch and that makes a difference to me I am impressed and will ensure we give you some extra attention to make your website the best it can be.

[Essex Drainage Company] Ok thank you I will have a look tomorrow with my boss x. I’m still interested it seems very expensive though. Can you bring that price down a bit? Also having a look at our website we can only see 16 pages?

[Website Designers]  pleasure and happy for you to visit – but to show you we can produce winning websites search in google for ‘essex builders’ we have 3 of our clients in the top ten. We have got a list of your pages – there are 20 existing ones.

[Essex Drainage Company] Hi James, yes we are still thinking about it but I think you are just a tiny bit too expensive for us x

[Website Designers] Ok lets review what you want – we are offering a full redesign that will be 20-24 pages with new and updated webcopy – we will create 3000 words of webcopy for you and then create more photo galleries (depending on how many pics you have) as well as creating a customised blog that allows you to add more sections / pages / photos / videos to your website.

As I said before the current price for all this is £1600 (premium plus website plus webcopy) and have offered to give you a discounted price of £1300 if you want it lower we can take another £100 off the site but would also urge you to come and visit so I can show you that the website we create will be able to attract so much more website visitors and give you a rapid return on your investment in the website really easily.

As an example of how important it is to make a bigger / better website we have two websites both created at the same time one has 100 visitors per month one has 500 visitors per month – one is 5 pages long and cost £500 one is 20 pages and has a lot of ‘optimisation’ and cost £1800 both are 4 years old and you can image the difference in the business they both get if one gets 5 times the amount of websites visits / calls / enquiries.

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