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[Essex IFA] Hi, we are Essex (Brentwood) based IFAs and have just had our website redeveloped. I now want our site to appear on the first google page for certain terms. From a bit of research, I found IFA-Essex on page 1, who had their site and I assume SEO created by yourselves. May I please have the free SEO evaluation report of our site, and then information on your pricing for SEO? Thank you

[Essex SEO Company] Hi Thanks for your email, had a good look over your website and run some reports and can report that there is lots of potential to make your website rank higher and increase your visitor numbers drastically. Previously we have had some great successes and can demonstrate them to yourselves when you visit our offices in Thurrock in Essex.

You can also have a look at our SEO information on the website. We have currently multiple examples of websites that have been promoted with our SEO program and have had drastic and huge increases in search engine positions and visitor numbers, we have local / national and internationally ranked websites that we are happy to give you as examples of our ‘work’ and hope that excuses us from the ‘standard SEO reports’ that are worthless without an experienced SEO person to interpret them and build a SEO project plan and act on it. Just for reference here is a previous example brief review of a website


and another one (in pdf format) here


I would suggest we need to create additional content (webcopy) and have a 3 month SEO project for your website to increase its ranking and visitor numbers the cost of this will be £300 for 3000 words / 12 pages webcopy http://www.delicious-webdesign.com/webcopy and £900 for a full 3 month SEO project http://www.delicious-webdesign.com/seo-package

If this sounds acceptable and you want to go forward with us then we have a SEO questionnaire that we sent to you that you can tell us more about what you want to achieve.

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