The hunt for the perfect domain name

A brief exchange that demonstrates the choice between a ‘trendy’ and ‘does what it says’ type website name. There is obviously a compromise website type name that combines both (example:

[New Website Owner] Thanks for your ‘frank’ comments! I must stress that I am at the very early stages of setting up my company and that is is NOT a web based service. I see the web site as a necessary part of good business practice but not as an essential part of winning work, which will largely come through open tenders.

Reflecting on your comments I ‘Googled’ a range of businesses that operate in a similar market. Some have ‘exotic’ names (Pegasus, Morpheus, Rubicon,etc) – others have more specific names Community Consultants, Community Evaluation Services ‘its on the tin’ type brands. I am aiming to set up a ‘network’ of consultants that work in one or more of the following fields

Strategic Development (Strategic and operational planning)
Evaluation – Outcome based analysis of projects, programmes and strategies
Research – Surveys, statistical analysis, demographics, evidence, etc
Community Development  – Neighbourhood planning, local regeneration
Change Management – Mergers, Restructures, etc
Sustainable Development

Our target market will be Central and Local Government and the Community Voluntary Sector. There are big changes happening in these areas regarding organisational development and new forms of service delivery. Can you tell us a bit more about transferring the website.

To answer your questions.

1 What other websites do you like the look of in terms of appearance and what they offer? The example you gave looks OK but I don’t foresee the need for blogs

2 How many images will you be able to supply? As many as needed – I have a library of case study images

3 Do you have any branding or a company logo? do you have it electronically ? ideally in  ‘photoshop’  psd format No – just starting out dont even have a name yet? (Well I agree that the names that I have registered dont do it!!).

Maybe something like (Strategic development, Evaluation, Analysis, Research, Community development and H!) !!

Understand your company not being a web-based business but as you know its inevitable that people know you have a website and can find the info they want on your website during the tender process and we will do our best to ensure you end up with a website that enhances your tender winning potential.

[Website Design Company] The choice of domain name is largely yours (depending on whats available of course) but I would choose a ‘it does what it says on the tin’ type name personally to give you that ‘SEO’ benefit and the ‘clickability’ benefits where a potential client will be drawn to your domain in a search results page as they can see what you are about just by your domain name. would be good but that one is owned by cbs and would probably cost a few million pounds.

In summary you need a standard 5-6 page brochure website with a logo, how many case studies do you anticipate having on the site? Believe the Case Studies page could be a repository of case studies (link to previous cases) and that would allow us to easily add new pages / sections when you provide them.

Going on your examples and the information below we will need to create you a 12 page website with logo that will be expandable as an when you supply more case studies, you will supply the photos and webcopy (text) and we will include the hosting / domain registration and setup / email setup / the website design / optimising the site for the search engines / review of all the  webcopy you supply for the website.

This premium website will take about 2 weeks to begin this project then it should be complete within another 2 weeks. If you want to enhance this package we can upgrade it to our ‘premium plus’, this will allow more pages but more importantly will allow a 1 month SEO project on the website once its completed (promote it in the search engines). Either way both packages will leave you with a professional / easy to use / clean / search engine friendly website.

Regarding transfers, It will cost us initially but that cost is part of the package deal, after the end of the first year your costs will be the same as if you didn’t transfer, so you will just pay the hosting fee of £45 per year. Very very few clients choose to register and host their own websites and its probably cost effective for you to have your websites on our register and our hosting.  Additionally it reduces your admin as you only have one company to deal with (instead of us and namesco).

[New Website Owner] Thanks for your clean, clear, concise information Could I have a quote and a deadline – please.

[Website Design Company] The website has been transferred and now hosted. We have a holding site setup with email / contact form setup / tested and working

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