Website Sales

Highlights of a conversation regarding the sale of a Essex Cleaning Website.

Thanks for our meeting this morning, very much enjoyed your website overview. I have forwarded attachment of current domains and have talked over things with my partner as to the way forward

The main reason we want the site is to promote carpet cleaning in Essex, rather than progressing more into our other business of Specilaist restoration of stone and other hard flooring.

Essex cleaning company website is useful to us as it is focused on all the aspects of cleaning we want to increase. The website is primarily a carpet cleaning / domestic cleaning website and I don’t know what to do to be honest to improve it as it all looks good, the changes on that site would be to great (the ones you suggested)

With coding changes and what ever it takes it would be a complete re-design would it not? As discussed any towns including Billericay Brenhtwood, Hornchurch, colshester, bishop stortford and Braintree need to be included as areas we cover.

To be included, also is it possible when we make a few changes to make the site more eco friendly theme running through adding maybe leaves, design. Please take a look at the other website images they are very family and child friendly and pet friendly,

looks very impressive  I will read through the docs again with my partner over the weekend

As to your proposal, and as I said this morning I am very intersted in sorting out the current websites that I have for my Essex Cleaning Business I will have the essex cleaning company website.

Happy to pay a regular monthly fee to optimise and google adwords or what evre works best. Now as I told you this morning I will be very straight with  you and cash flow is particularly tight this month as we are down on cash and suffered in early jan with the bad snow having lost the benefit of our staff not working for a week, and a van that was smashed by one of our dear staff, bless her, I would expect to be in a positive cash position in two weeks.   Obviously if you are happy to hold until then I would appreciate that

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