Transfer of Website Hosting

Here is a un-typical website transfer that involves two competing website design companies, try to work out whats going on and who is offering best advice

[New Website Company] I am producing a new website for our website clients and wondered if you have control over the domain. The site will not be ready to go live for aprox 3 weeks, but we are planning to put up a holding page on the .com domain with all traffic from the redirecting to it. Once the site has gone live, we would like to transfer the domain to our registrar. Is this something you are able to help us with?

[Original Website Design Hosting Company] – email sent to clients – Happy to do what you want but also need to advise you again that I think you have been badly advised regarding these websites. I have given you my honest opinion on what would be in your best interest but you still want us to redirect / transfer the website.

As you have indicated one thing and got your new and old website design companies to send emails to me I want to be sure you know your options:

1, We set a redirect to the new Domain – Cost £25 plus the 5 month old invoice for hosting – Total cost £65

2, Transfer domain to new website company – Cost £45 transfer fee plus outstanding invoice for hosting – Total cost £90

3, Transfer website code / database / website to new website company – Cost £45 transfer fee plus outstanding invoice for hosting plus database export and sending and granting ftp access – £185

I can create you an invoice depending on your requirement. One the payment has been made the work will be completed. Alternatively email me with option 1,2 or 3 and pay the appropriate fee and we can arrange the work to be completed.

fyi here are a full list of our charges:

I would also like to state that after speaking to you today you seem to have gone against my ‘best advice’ here but as the client am happy to do whatever you want.

[Website Client] we are having a new web built under .com as i have opened a new store in westfield Stratford So need all stuff transfered to the new web. Can you send invoice again im sorry i missed the last one

[Original Website Design Hosting Company] Attached is the invoice for £45 just for the hosting, probably you need to chat to me to tell me exactly what you are doing as it is still not clear, phone after 3 today so we can sort this out for you.Now all your pages transferred – do you want the domain after the domain hosting period ends in May?

If you don’t I will cancel the domain and if you do then will ensure we invoice you for another years hosting £45 and will keep it online

[New Website Company] I would go for their option 2 – to transfer the domain to us.
They need to release the domain to our registrar using our IPS tag can you pass on this information please

[Original Website Design Hosting Company] Are you sure this is that you want to do? You have gone from having a functional / working ecommerce shop to having none and just a redirect to a holding page. If you want us to transfer the domain I can create a final invoice for transfer for £45 then transfer it to your new website design company.

Now for some background information, the client had a working ecommerce site live and the new company have now taken 6 months to put their new site live (which still isnt live) and are now suggesting that the domain is transferred to them despite the site they said would take 3 weeks to be put live is still not live. In that time the lack of website has obviously adversely affected the company in the search engines.



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