Website Blogging and Website Stats

noticed that you haven’t posted on the blog for a while, this is a great tool to improve your site and its SEO and would say its a waste not to use it.

Website Stats
As your site is new the stats will be not consistent but they look as I would expect with a mix of visitors from search engines, referring sites and direct entry / links from your emails

We have built the pages in a very search engine friendly way and will be updated / tweaking them to improve your chances of ranking well but there are some things you can do to help your own site, including some points included here

Website is working fine and I see your blog post and thats fine also

You can create your own letter head or we can do it for you or you can even get our Graphic Designers to do it for you (did you organise anything with her regarding your business cards) it would make sense to have your letter head the same as your business card design

had a chat with the graphic designers and sent them an email, to be honest I thought she was expensive considering all she will be doing is copying and pasting from my web site and passing it it a printer see what she says

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