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Webcopy text reviewed – There is a metric we use to measure ‘reading ease’ and the new home page and content pages have similar scores to the ones we produced. Which is good but….After a 10 minute review I consider the text ok to read but it seems the writer has attempted to squeeze in many repeating search terms and its possible that it could be classed as spamming.

There is text copied from other sites although its not much (about 5% of source page) – our text was 100% original and not copied and thats a pre-requisite for all our text

here is one page containing the original text, the exact copied text is given to you in the email attachment. On investigation it appears that this text on at least 2 websites were published before your site so looks like your writer has copied them.

Portfolio page
If I understand you correctly you are saying you dont like your existing page and want a more ‘visual’ page. The ‘flash’ website example is not suitable / applicable for you so am I correct in saying you want something like the example website page above but with only 3 options that will link individually to one of three pages that will be 1 section out of the three on your existing portfolio page? We assume you have already seen the treatment page draft.

Home page
Agree its too long and ‘wordy’ and think the three services would look better with an image embedded uniformly on all 3 blocks of text

Webcopy Standards
I have webcopy from my lady to send over for the missing ‘about me’ text. I do not want stuff cut and paste from the old site as I think that defeats the object of a embarking on the creation of a new one. I have someone working with me tomorrow to select the new pictures I want published. Do u have someone to do any re touching necessary? If not I’ll get it done before sending over.

I won’t be using the faq copy that my first lady did. I will select about 15 that I’ll get sent over. All the other stuff I typed up for faq’s I’ll use for subject matter in blogs.

I had said I would look at the professionally created faq’s as a possibility and came to see you to explain why I would not use any of her copy. Having read this it will not be possible for me to use this for the same reason as explained before additionally her changes to the faqs have in fact made the process sound painful and frightening rather than reassuring. I shall be paying the copy writer I instructed the fee you stated you were paying for copy.

I will have a look at the links over the next few days, but I think the price list is self explanatory regarding the services I offer.

Webcopy Questions
Q Can this be laid out as a menu please, also the order is wrong (may have sent new copy over after this).  Please refer to prices sent last night.  Can we stay more urban and loose the candy pink stripes from old site please?

A Sorry but have no idea what you mean about ‘laid out as a menu’ the order is from the document sent earlier – please elaborate, from my perspective the current page looks and works well

Q The LHS sidebar magazine links can be added and removed from any page with the left sidebar menu – don’t understand.  I did see the magazines on the front page, which I don’t like as they are not major’s or glossies.  These, along with the editorials from the magazine need to be available someone less prominent within the site, from my point of view, but not sure what above means so apologies if I’m saying the same thing.

A It looks good on the front page with the absence of anything else to put there I say keep them there until you have other ideas what to put there

Q Why do other companies block copying from their page with a dialog box coming up saying “Copyright Protected”?

A Explained this previously, adding extra code to the page makes it bigger (larger) and doesn’t stop copying – its a pointless exercise to add special code that doesn’t protect the text and there is no reason to protect it anyway as even if someone copies your text you benefit as they sometimes copy your links and also they will never rank higher than you.

Q Use of new stock images on the lightboxes and the photo’s sent to you of me working?  I notice the old pictures are still in are these temporary until everything else gets agreed?

A Not sure what you mean by the old pictures are still in – please be specific giving page references. We plan to create a gallery I propose a gallery that is tailored to the size of your page. Look at our website webcopy information.


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