Website Redesigns

Ok when can we start? I really want as soon as possible at least the  website revamped and the SEO done. But just one last thing, I want to keep the web site either with Verio or maybe I move it to Canaca and it must be in a form I can understand (computers where my prior job) so I can control the web site in all times?

Spend a couple of hours looking through your site and looking at the competition, I could say this will be a pretty easy job as there is only one way to go and that is up  But obviously its not that easy as we have lots to do and the sooner we start the better as you have a lot of catching up to do.!

Its a good opportunity for us and can assure you we will achieve massive gains in your search engine positions and website traffic so pretty excited to start, we are pretty busy with new sites and SEO work but can start within a week. Obviously there will be loads of things for us to ask you initially and the sooner you respond to these the sooner we can actually start with the website coding.

During the SEO phase we will need you or some other tech instructor to do things we cant like creating content for blogs / news updates / facebook group updates etc etc (yes you are going to join the facebook revolution ! I started the other PADI IDC Instruction group and it now has 237 members and that is only after 3 months, I hope you have all the email addresses from ex students and they will invariably have a facebook account and will be interested to see the new site and new Facebook group with new photos and updates.

Happy for you to leave your website hosting where you are comfortable, I have reviewed big blue, protech and a few others and their hosting is in the UK, Germany or the US, if you were a thai company requiring thai clients I would say get your site hosted in Thailand but would be a good idea to stay with your hosting provider.You would have total control over everything but obviously we would need access to your control panel / ftp account / email accounts to build and seo the site. I will also build into your site a CMS system so you can update your important pages directly via a web-browser.

Please tell me what package you have and how long you have left on your contract with them ( I am guessing you have the UNIX hosting and please tell me how many sites you have hosted with them

Ok to start we will need deposits for the website re-design and the SEO projects and you can pay via bank payment / paypal or google checkout  with £1000 paid on completion of the website and then £100 paid a month after we begin the SEO project for 3 months (SEO total £900)

if you want to pay via google checkout I will then send you an invoice

Once the deposit is paid I will prepare a list of things I need to know from you and a list of things I need to have access to, and then the fun begins !

Happy to start the other sites now or after the first site is completed but would like to get the domain created and  live asap and fill it with some content almost straight away.  This will only be good for SEO of the site for the future as older is better in general.

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