Website building

We are starting to build the site for your approval and need some good quality images of a similar size to the ones on that site.

Well the look for this web site definitely marine life for diving, but not sure how that looks… Maybe like a deep drop to black deep water from clear blue on surface, with depths marked as on a sonar style in LCD graphics. Maybe better if you let you graphics person come up with some ideas that I can look at? Here are some questions.

1, Is there anything on your site you DONT want on the new one ?

2, Is there anything you want to feature / show prominently ?

3, Can you get to work (or get one of your Tech instructors) to work on some FAQs for the site the more the better as FAQs are great for SEO

4, Also do you want to add any guides to tech diving or update your own ones ? tech diving

5, Have you got a TAT licence and number ? is so what is it

6, Assume you want the website is English and French again ? I will complete the English then duplicate if for the french site and leave you to do the translation

7, Do you want to advertise diving internships ? Obviously need text / information if you do

8, can you email all old customers and ask for testimonials, this is something I asked other PADI dive centre owners to do and we have got loads of testimonials (free useful content for SEO and marketting)

9, Would you consider doing a video for your site? video has great SEO benefits

For the photos, I have a few and will start sending them to you, one by one.

So to reply to your questions:

  1. Replied in last mail (the hotels and service)
  2. This site is focused on scuba dive education and PADI diving in general
  3. FAQ in progress
  4. Yes of course, I tried this in the overview section of courses
  5. TAT licence number given
  6. Yes sure I really want the French market but would love to get more of the UK market, just because I really dislike the other dive companies here.
  7. Yes dive interships are great, would like…
  8. Testimonial we can get. Will contact my previous students for that.
  9. Video is harder but we can organize that

Just found a problem with your site and was going to update it, What is the situation with the website ? I havent had a reply to any emails for a while, I see that you have now changed the ftp details / control panel details and we no longer are able to update your site.

The following is your improved rankings since we started doing your site in November 08, as you can see you have had massive gains and we would like to complete the SEO program as agreed

I am still updating the French pages and finishing linking all the English pages to go to the french directory. Please tell me what you are changing so I don’t overwrite? I hope to be done with this process within a few weeks and finally we can for the SEO when all works?

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