Website look and hosting


Verio, I see their Unix Basic package (couldnt see bronze) its $9.95 a month which is a bit expensive but not that terrible if you can host multiple domains on it , you can obviously always find cheaper but if costs $120 per year for a good service then that is worth considering but i always like to look to see what choices there are.

I see they have won awards in 2008 and they seem reliable and well reviewed. I would say lets re-review it a month before your contract is up with them. I think I have just found out why the hosting cost is so expensive, it looks to me like you have your own dedicated server. This is a massively too much server power for a non-database / business site and that is defiantly a way to save money when it comes around for renew the service

Look forward to the transfer I will check on Wednesday and Thursday and tell you when it arrives, if you sort out your ftp details (website access details – we can make a start )

Will need the FTP account details for your website ( so we can download it (for all the text and images) and so we can upload the new pages.

Do you have any specific look of a website in mind ? if so can you describe or show a website you like the look of and specifically  what colours have you got in mind, do you have a company logo ? and do you have it stored electronically, if so please send

French market

You have the option to target specific markets for each of your domains and you can change these which is an easy thing to do, its suitable that you have .com domains and I can show you what we do to target spefic markets once we start.


Hope this invoice is acceptable, If not i can amend We have office 2007 here which uses the new .xlsx and .docx format for excel and word so I include the invoice from this version and the older office (97 – 2003)

Website Look

Will put a lot of effort into these and will let you have the deciding vote as to how we proceed, would you have any sites you love the look of that we can use to give us an idea already ?

Well the look for this web site definitely tec, but not sure how that looks… Maybe like a deep drop to black deep water from clear blue on surface, with depths marked as on a sonar style in LCD graphics. Maybe better if you let you graphics person come up with some ideas that I can look at?

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