Website Hosting and Transfers

Here is some faqs about website hosting and the process of transferring your website to us once we begin your website redesign:

Q The only thing in switching servers is that we all have emails coming to phones/iPads and laptops. Is this much grief to change?  Also I pay £65 for the hosting and with you its £45, does that mean you have slow servers or a worse service?

A Hosting costs are all relative; with us we use award winning hosting in the UK. You are currently on one of the cheapest and nastiest hosts that are based in Germany, the  financial cost for hosting doesn’t represent the difference in service and would suggest you change over asap.

Changing Hosting / Servers is something we do for new clients almost every week, you get some new email setup details that we can help you change over remotely if you cant do it yourself with the instructions that we give you.

We now have everything we need to begin apart from the decision about your existing website, you need to decide to either
1, Transfer it to our hosting / register (recommended)
2, Give us access to your admin / hosting panel or give us the FTP details to allow us to upload to your server

We would recommend transferring it to our server as the initial transfer and hosting will be included in your project cost and your existing host is not on the ‘recommended list’ for us and most reviewers or hosting and also its based in Germany (not ideal for your sites optimisation / promotion)

Therefore please give us the sites ‘EPP code’ to enable transfer / give us access to your 1and1 admin details to do it for you or give us the FTP details to access your existing website.

As soon as commence the transfer or give us the hosting access details we can then complete your website project brief for your designer / developer and would hope that sometime the week the coming one we can commence development.

We have 3 hosting accounts but probably put the majority of our new clients with an award winning UK based website hosting company, the transfer process is totally managed and taken care of by us so you don’t need to get your hands dirty. We will setup your domain email accounts and give you setup instructions and even remotely set this up on your machines (if you use a email client like outlook)

Generally we use Dreamweaver as web editing software (this is the industry standard editor for changing the code). But I think you were asking about a CMS system.

If you want to be able to update your own text on the page then we can do this for you as long as you tell us what pages you want the text updated for. Normally for quick / simple text changes we dont charge for a one-off change as long as you email the page and ol

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