Website Redesign Project

Random Thoughts about a website transfer and redesign project

The domain is still set to ‘Transfer Pending’ – Its still Awaiting Release by Current Registrar. This transfer for .com domains normally it takes 7 or 8 days ¬†probably complete tomorrow. The transfer is not stopping the development but as you can appreciate we have multiple projects and as soon as physically possible yours will be started and you will be send the draft website to review.

We intended to create the ‘Services and Products’ page like a graphical menu of your services and assume you approve of that, here is a product page that uses photos¬†

We will use your webcopy and images and suggest that some webcopy that you have provided may not be enough to fill a page and make the website feature for that term (example allow wheel repair) Happy for you to send more webcopy.

Feel free to send images to us for your gallery, if you have a lot and they are large please send them via dropbox

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