Essex Building Company

Our Graphic Designer who creates all our logos and banners is a very efficient creative who is trustworthy and takes great pride in every project. She has an honest and friendly personality with very strong communication and conceptual skills. Our graphic design portfolio is quite impressive.

Recently they have done work for an Essex Building Company, this builder is probably the most prestigious / biggest / best / one with biggest plans that we have got so far so hope you ensure the text hints the ‘eliteness’ of this company. Wants to ensure that his website / text don’t make them sound like a one man band (he has 10 guys working for him on most jobs)

I am looking to do some email marketing and wanted the text done for it. Would you be able to do it for me? Also the company that designed my website, Essex Web Designers, would like to use your services for text copy.

I can offer your company and your clients

  • ·Over ten years of PA experience – 4 years working for a CEO.
  • ·Ability to work effectively under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • ·Advanced capability in core skills such as PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, minute taking and writing.
  • ·Initiative and drive to lead my own projects and solve problems.
  • ·Experience of leading a team.

In addition to my extensive experience, I also have excellent people and relationship building skills. Throughout my career it has been critical to develop close working relationships with people at various levels both internally and externally. I have achieved this through maintaining an approachable, gracious and professional manner when communicating. My broad experience and range of skills are ideal for this position.

Hopefully you would agree that these Pages (see enclosed email) are perfect for building a list, expanding your client base and visibility, driving more traffic to your website and communicating effectively with existing and new clients. If you are not using Facebook you really are missing out.

Also 90% of people expect you to have a presence on Facebook – there is a trust factor here. Are your competitors on Facebook ?. Are you missing out ?. Why would you not want to use the worlds most popular website ?

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