Web Design Quote problems

Recently found out that some less than honest website design companies quote or tender for business and if they don’t get the business they invoice the company for the website draft or work they do in attempting to win the quote to redesign / design the website. This example dialogue from a website design company demonstrates this:

[Website Design company] Sorry for the delay on the website example, I had a few problems with the layout and was chopping and changing the layout. Here’s the link to view the example online please view it in Google Chrome as this will present it properly. The final version would be viewed in all web browsers with no problem. Let me know what you think.

So that example is done and if you don’t love it I’ll start on another example. What did you think of the logo?

[Company needing Website] Sorry but this isn’t what we have in mind and we have agreed terms with Delicious Webdesign to redesign our website.

[Website Design company] I’m sorry to hear you don’t want to go ahead with the website redesign / update. The cost for the work I have done so far is £30. This is for the design I made and the work put into the second design so far

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