Website Design Questions

Example Website Design quotation process concerns and questions:

[Website Design / SEO Company] Was good meeting you yesterday. We are going to put our proposal down in a document today for your website design / website promotion (SEO), if you forward your SEO requirements  document and the questions that you said you would think about we will ensure that
1) We cover everything you have requested previously
2) Will ensure all your concerns are addressed and answered officially.

Once again thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I enjoyed the meeting and from our discussion and investigations regarding your keywords I am convinced we can have a significant impact on the business you generate from your web site. Adding our ‘data capture’ buttons to your site is also important in building a quality data base for you to market to in the future. Data capture and email marketing is included in our packages. Please find attached our proposal and costing.

I will give you a call to discuss your interest further however if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.

[Website Owner] Thanks I have cast my eye over the details below and all looks very good. I have a few questions:
1, Is there a clause in place in they don’t deliver more leads and more sales as stated?
2 If at a later date years down the line we decide to move to a different web company are there any get out fees? How easy if needed would it be to transition across (we obviously hope it will never come to that)
3 What does the monthly fees get us can that cost be reduced if you don’t need all the options?
4  What is in place if you have issues with your hosting servers?
5 What is the turn around time for fixes to the site or if anything goes wrong? Are there call out charges to update/fix issues?

For what we are looking to set up  the start up cost looks ok to me but would like to know how we can get it down on the price alone?

We obviously have spoken to anyone else as it’s always worth getting another quote so will get review your answers along with the other companies proposal and answers to the above questions. The only major concern I have is the month fees which seem like a lot if you aren’t doing anything and our website is sitting there happily doing nothing.

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