Website Client Initial Proposal

It was wonderful meeting you last week to discuss your website redesign and SEO (website promotion) requirements. As promised, please find attached my report with recommendations. We have tried to remain as competitive as possible for you as I appreciate you are budget conscious

To be very forthcoming we normally never provide discounts as we are already extremely competitively priced, however, we have given you a 20% discount on our standard prices. This as I am sure you will appreciate is quite substantial.

Typically we require a minimum 50% deposit to commence work. The balance we can discuss and break into monthly instalments, no problem.

On a separate note, I was giving your business further thought this weekend from a marketing angle.

Some additional ideas that sprang to mind that we can look at implementing long term:

1 Customer database – All customer details should be kept on a dedicated customer database.

2 Subscriptions – The database should be expanding to store subscribers and customers.

3 Monthly newsletter – Depending on the number of registered customers, your website can be integrated with a bulk emailing system or alternatively a 3rd party component can be used such as MailChimp.

This will allow you to select customers and keep them up to date with the latest news and offers. Newsletters are a great way to ensure your brand is always at the forefront of your customer. It’s what we call a an effective brand reinforcement strategy.

4 PR – You should consider the services or a local PR firm once your brand has re-launched.

These are just some random ideas for you to think about. Others include, writing to your target customers and an open evening.  All the above will only be possible as mentioned once the new brand and website is in place.

Just so you know the earliest we can start is July thus the sooner we get the ok the sooner your project starts as our schedules operate on a first come first served basis.

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