Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eye Makeup

Defining and enhancing your eyes can improve the way you feel. It can also help to increase confidence, and is a perfect solution for those who have little time to spend applying every day makeup. You can attract people to your eyes, they are the most powerful feature on your face, and I ensure that the application of semi and permanent makeup is an easy and safe process.

Using dots of colour throughout the upper and lower lash lines, or subtly adding pigment, you can achieve stunning and lasting results that give the impression that you are wearing eye-refining liner.

Avoid Applying Eyeliner Daily
Shape Perfecting
Natural Results

Semi permanent pigmentation is very different to traditional tattooing, and by applying pharmaceutical grade pigmentations to the lash area, I can positively intensify the way your eyes look. I will use stunning special effects or tempting soft and natural pigments to achieve a precise, balanced, beautiful finish.

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