Questions to ask the Brides and Grooms.

Congratulations to you Both :

1) Have you a Wedding date set?

2) Have you both a Wedding Venue?

3) Are you deciding to have a Church ; Register Office; Licenced Venue ?

4) Have you committed to a wedding venue?

5) What is your desired Wedding and is there an area that you both wish to get married? Can we provide that service for you both?

6) Where did you both meet?

7) What time of year are you planning to get married?

8) Have you both chosen a special theme?

9) Have you both got a colour scheme?

10) Have you made a guest list?

11) How many on your guest list? Does this include children for the reception?

12) Have you any guests who are disabled or may need wheelchair access needed ? Do you have anyone who has hearing impairment?

13) Do you need transport ; i.e. Cars for yourselves / family members;? Do have transport for your guests to and from the wedding Church / reception?

14) Do you know if there’s any extra’s included in your venues ?   Budget price at the Bar? Can you have Fireworks? Air Balloon Landing? Doves?

15) Is the Venue prepared to allow you both to let you make any changes to make Your color / theme / decor; to make your day special?

16) Have you any idea’s on having a Marquee / Fireworks /Flash lights / Any other unique themes?

17) Have you any guest’s with any food allergies that the caterers can provide a special food menu for?

18) Have you any family members coming / guest’s traveling from aboard? Who may need transport and additional accommodation?

19) Does your Venue have accommodation for the Family / friends, who don’t wish to travel after the reception? We will help with any other additional accommodation that’s required?

20) Have you both thought of any extra ordinary idea you would love to have or be done at your Wedding ? Helicopter; with Champagne / Air Balloon / “Merry Musician’s” Music theme?

21) As a Groom have you got an idea that you wish to express’s your love to your Bride that can only be carried out   by you that can be a special surprise, ?

22 ) Have you booked / ideas for your Honeymoon ?

23) Which services / suppliers do you wish or intend to use? ; Musician; Photographer; Videographer; As a groom are you nervous of making your Speech ? Have you thought of doing a video before the wedding, and it is played on the day on a screen?

Caterer; Cake; Wedding dress Groom suit Hire; Bridesmaids’ Maid of honour?

24) Would you like a Home Hairdresser / Make up to come to your Home ?

25 ) Are you having a wedding rehearsal Dinner?

26) Have you got your wedding Stationary arranged? Style /Printing ceremony programs?

27) Have you got a Note book / diary ? a to do list brochures with ideas ?

28) Have you got a Calendar with important dates and appointments ?

29 ) Have you a florist in mind / or creative artificial bouquet’s button holes ?

30) Would you like us to arrange a Bakery / Caterer you can meet so you may taste their samples to choose the right Cake for  your special day ?

31) Have you chosen your Wedding Bands ?

32) Have you thought of the lovely gits for your Brides maid’s Best man, ushers? Flowers for your Mother’s.

33 ) Have you thought how you wish your wedding to be announced ? Advertising?

34) Have you any ideas about an Entertainer; D J (a crèche or play area for the Children; sweet cart )

35 ) Have you arranged your Hire cloth’s to be returned after the wedding ?

We would like to offer you as Bride and Groom our Services by arranging appointments between yourselves and the Suppliers?   Our service is free of charge .

36) Have either the Bride / groom have any favourite music to at your wedding / reception,?

37) Do you think about having a Toast Master?

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