Essex Plumbing and Heating

This Plumbing and Heating company in Essex is able to complete work on Central Heating Systems, Boiler Changes,  Complete Bathroom Installations, Servicing and Safety Inspections. Some daily queries from customers that may face an Essex plumbing / heating business are below:

1 I currently have wood flooring throughout the downstairs of my house which needs replacing. Before doing so, I would like to explore the possibility of replacing the downstairs radiators with underfloor heating as radiators have prove insufficient during winter time. I currently have gas central heating driven by a combi boiler and live in Stanford-le-Hop.

2 Current electrician incompetent ive employed!! please help. Warm water system all installed they just cant wire it up properly. You turn the thermostat up in lounge and heats up the lounge and vice versa. Can your company work methodically and solve this problem. They have been back five times!!! Please please help Kind regards Joan in Corringham

3 I have a BIASI 24S COMBI, 10YRS old. Works ok on hot water but stopped working over winter on radiator circuit. Diverter valve problem or possibly pump/circuit blockage – it flares up for short time but pump makes clicking noise and heat does not circulate. Please can you give an idea of how much to drain, clean and recommission. I have been recommended your Essex Plumbing and Heating company by a friend. Paul in Horndon.

4 Works to be carried out at the address you visited today, we agreed on Main Gold boiler.  How good is Potterton, can you please give me exact name of the model.  Also some information on warranty and price of the service plan. As discussed yesterday, I don’t really care what make it is but as long as it’s reliable.

Also after you take out the flue pipes through the roof, would you seal the roof area for leakages?

  1. To powerflush existing heating system including necessary chemicals.
  2. To install new potterton 28 kw high efficient combination boiler  (a- rated)
  3. To include all flue parts to bring this up to current standards.
  4. To register boiler with gas safe and local authorities.
  5. To explain and hand over to customer.

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