Thailand Diving

James from Dive Community was in Phuket (2006 – 2007)  I am a PADI Staff Instructor and ran the dive centre in Phuket and worked on IDCs in Phuket in 2006 – 7 so I have a love for diving but full time I now run an Internet / Website Design company and am now back in the UK.

Have now worked with three PADI Course Director run websites recently, In particular the website I have been working on with for the PADI IDC in Phuket  is now very successful and has top 10 search terms for over 15 key search terms / keywords as well as having a complete redesign recently and ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) project,

If you would like to discuss your website sometime as I see there are many areas that could be improved upon in terms of look / feel / design and SEO.

For reference I have also worked with UK Based Course Director Steve Prior, I know Steve and Janet Prior (from 2005 at Adventures in Diving) and have advised him on his website recently so hopefully with 3 course directors recommendations and a history of creating and improving dive websites, as well as being a PADI Instructor myself I would hope you know I can do an excellent job for you

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