Luxury Garden Umbrellas and Parasols

Oriental Umbrellas are the sole supplier of the premium range of products to retailers and home owners, they are supplying quality garden and patio umbrellas / parasols to ensure people’s garden and patio area look beautiful in the sunshine.

Not only are these garden umbrellas suitable to complement the design of your garden, but they have also proved popular with both theatre companies and operatic societies. As genuine Eastern pieces, they provide the necessary authenticity for any theatrical production requiring such an addition to the set. For productions requiring colour and sparkle, to draw in the audience, these aesthetically attractive oriental umbrellas could have an important role to play. We also anticipate that they will be popular as props for television and film companies.

The garden parasols are available in circular (round), square or hexagonal shapes. The most common sizes (6 or 8 feet wide) are readily available, with larger sizes being custom made on request. The pole can be divided into two parts making it easier to store the parasol during winter months, or to travel when on the road.

As the only company in Britain to receive these high quality Middle Eastern imports, we sell both at home and abroad. Shipping is fast and reliable, with even worldwide delivery usually not taking longer than 5 days. Our website has a catalogue with photos showing the designs and colours available. Since each piece is hand painted, we cannot guarantee that the colours will be exactly the same as those shown in the pictures, but the photos do give a good idea of the wide range of choice available. If after looking at our catalogue you have questions about your particular needs, then we would be more than happy to discuss those with you.

Their funky designs have become a hit with many people who are planning to have a new patio laid or a new decking area, using the umbrellas design as the starting point for the design of their outdoor space.  So if you’re looking for that exquisite and individual look to finish off your garden, decking area or patio then take a look at our lovely range of garden umbrellas.

Even though they traditionally see their products used in home owner’s gardens and patios, they have found their clientèle now includes photographers, fashion designers, interior designers, opera productions and a few celebrities who are loving the new range of luxury umbrellas.

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