Webcopy is a critical component to make the site interesting and relevant, content is king and always will be, just for interest here is a conversation about webcopy / text for a website.

I originally asked for text for the Essex Conservatory site, and specified 8 pages about 1750 words, since then you have supplied 2200 words and the client is very happy with what we have done in terms of website pages / text and website navigation. I would like you to do some more text to take it up to the ‘standard’ 2400-2500 words.

Again there is not really any direction given but the client said that he would prefer text about conservatory extra or ‘nice to haves’ and more on DIY conservatories and CAD Designs. ‘m trying to get more info from him but I can sort of see his point as he compares his pages against the competition he has far less text / content but not all our fault as we have done our best in a competitive field.

Happy to pay what you want for this to bring the word count up to our standard offering. Just to confirm, I’m not going to touch the dive site for now until they give you some guidelines on what they actually want in the text. I’ll convert the text you sent for checking into Word and will amend as necessary and will email it back to you in a Word Document.

As mentioned on chat last night this is the next text requirement but just need you to add to what is already there and add text and if we have enough I will add extra pages on the services already done.  currently lots of the is not unique will get rid of the copied stuff and leave you with it all to re-write ./ add to up to 1900 words – does that sound good ?

Unique text – just done a check on all his text and even though most pages aren’t unique I think his text was indexed first, on all pages apart from the decking page, as he comes up first for that ‘exact text’ search.  Therefore the decking text should be done as a priority and will contact the other companies (maybe) to see if they can remove their text.


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