Website admin staff

We have many people wanting to work with us that are interested in a new career opportunity working with your company. Please find enclosed a sample CV which asks to be kept in mind when we plan to undertake interviews.

I am an enthusiastic, hard working individual who strives on working extremely hard to meet deadlines efficiently. I work well using my own initiative and I’m a highly motivated person when working within a team or as an individual.

Being flexible and organised in my job is very important for me as I need to be organised and prepared on a day to day basis, however it is also important to set an example for your business to show that you’re a hard working and organised individual. I have strong interpersonal skills alongside having a good level of attention to detail which I think is vital when working in a fast pace environment.

I would like to be considered for the position within your business as I feel my current skills and knowledge would provide a positive impact to the role, providing you with a fresh perspective which would result in new innovative ideas for both your business and I.  Having worked within a bank for 4 years, I now feel it is time to move into a fast pace environment. I’m very passionate about what I do, however I am unable to progress any further here due to changes within the bank.

I have been within the Fraud Department for 4 years; I am very competent in both Debit and Credit card Fraud and I am currently working in the Fraud Debit Card Operations department. I like to be versatile with my work; it has helped me save the bank a lot of money by putting myself forward to learn new roles and by learning various systems online enables me to go one step further to help the business.

When it comes to I.T skills, internal/external database systems, i.e. PBS and VisionPlus, Excel, and Visa Online, I am more than competent in using any system and I am very quick to adapt to new systems and changes.  We need this knowledge to enable us to complete day to day tasks.

As a Website Administration Clerk many of my duties include:

  • Organising and prioritising my own work, ensuring that crucial time sensitive work is completed. My time is budgeted throughout the day, completing tasks in a timely manner, correctly and proficiently.
  • Being responsible for crediting and debiting customers accounts, ensuring these are done within compliance.
  • Investigating debit card fraud claims made by customers, reviewing their spending patterns and researching depth at the fraud being reported. Deciding liability and protecting the bank from potential fraud losses.
  • Acting as a referral point for my colleagues on processes such as customer’s accounts that need to be passed for a refund within compliance, ensuring this is has been completed correctly. I also help with customer complaints and decide if an interview with the customer for a further evaluation needs to be conducted.
  • Alerting management and strategy immediately of any new fraudulent transactions which are high value amounts which are increasing our fraud intake. This can then be blocked by strategy.
  • Raising Chargeback’s on customers’ accounts, claiming back money for the bank to avoid any potential write offs.

Personal Skills

  • Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook)
  • Organisational awareness
  • Self/work organisation
  • Strong typing and communication skills
  • Written communication
  • Efficient and flexible, adapt to change
  • Using my initiative to help with problem solving

I hope that my application is successful and that I am suitable as a potential candidate for your business. Please find attached my C.V.

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