Website Hosting

That sounds all good to me. I have instructors here that can do the blogs, facebook etc.

For the host I am with Verio with a bronze package , but would really like to swap to a better prices host. I pay now 255 USD per year, when I see some equivalent packages for only 60USD??? Maybe Canaca? What do you suggest?

I will organize a transfer for you, but I need an invoice to transfer money from Thailand, so please send me that paper ASAP.

I would like to start with theĀ  technical web site first though we can look for a name and reserve a recreational site at the same time along with the Phi Phi operation for cave diving.

For the looks of the site, I definitely would like a technical look for the 1st one, a marine life look for 2nd and a more dedicated PADI IDC site for the 3rd. I will leave it up to you to sketch the new look and will tell you what I think before we start?

I maybe have a stupid question, but I would really like to hit strongly on the French market too, as we have started an add within a french diving magazine.

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